Yesterday’s Adventure

Before  I tell about yesterday’s adventure,  I must interject about a curious situation I encountered at the beginning of last week….

I had taken the Scotties out for their early morning constitution.  As we walked along the side of the driveway,  I heard the tiniest…nearly inaudible (to me) noise.  It sounded rythmic and rather mechanical.  Squeak…squeak…squeak…I looked up towards the well, wondering if the pump might be making such a noise, but came to the conclusion that since it is a submersible model,  I would never hear noise coming from it.

Well, the next day,  I heard the noise again.  And the next day.  I then realized it was a nest of hungry little birds!  As the days progressed, the noise also progressed…louder and louder!  One morning I watched, trying to spot where the noise was coming from!  And soon enough,  a Downy Woodpecker flew to the side of the tree, then seemed to disappear inside.  The noise promptly stopped,  only to begin once again after the bird flew away!

I imagine those little woodpeckers will be leaving the nest sometime soon to fetch their own grub!

Now, fast forward to yesterday….

We were off to Buffalo  to pick up some things for my business, so afterward,  I thought we could do something interesting.  No, I didn’t say fun as what defines fun to two teens isn’t quite my idea of fun!  Lately, it seems their definition of fun is hanging out with their friends as much as possible!

 I am a member of he zoo in Rochester, and many zoos and aquariums reciprocate and allow members admittance for free.  I discovered that the Aquarium of Niagara was one such organization, so we were off to Niagara Falls.

I was a bit disappointed, as the aquarium looks as though it has become quite “aged” since I was there. Of course, it has probably been about thirty years!

Between the dark lighting inside the building,  a huge contingiency of what looked to be a group from India coughing and sneezing  (ew!!!! hope it isn’t swine flu germs!), and two kids who would have liked to have been anywhere else but there,  I wasn’t real keen on taking photos.  And the ones I did take were shoddy to say the least!




I was lucky enough to get one photo of the feeding penguins without a little head in front of the glass!

I went back over to the penguin exhibit after the feeding time was over and this cute little fellow was so happy to see me, he flapped his wings!  (please don’t burst my bubble here!)


I liked the penguins and harbor seals the best!  Oh, the penguins are Humbolt Penguins and come from Peru and Chile.



We weren’t in the aquarium very long.  Mark asked why we came out so soon, but it was so crowded and dark in there, I think the kids and I just wanted to be in the sunshine once again! (and the weather forecast had been for rain!!) It also had a very strong aroma of fish which made the kids make comments over and over again!

We drove around a little and stopped at the most fascinating place! (not for all, mind you….)


Yes, this is Snow Park! It has a snow slide, ice rink, and even a play area on the side where kids (I saw two grown men trying to build a castle there!) can play in the snow!  Imagine people doing “snow recreation” in shorts and tee shirts! I am keeping this place in mind for when the temperature soars out of control come August!!

The highlight of my day was when I got to stand beneath a helicopter that takes off from a platform atop a building!  I love helicopters and hopefully,  I will one day get to ride in one!


Before we came home, we did stop for dinner of pizza and wings at  La Nova.  Buffalo is a city with so much to see and do.  I wish we would have had more time to spend there, but as Mark always says,  There’s always next time!  The kids have completed their schoolwork for the year, their records have all been sent to the school district and now….it’s summer party time!