One Very Lonnnngggggg Day!

Today was so busy, I found myself bumping into myself along the way!

When I got up this morning, I took the Scotties out, then spent some time brushing their coats out well.  They get brushed (very) frequently, as their “kilts”…”skirts”…whatever,  have a tendency to collect all forms of matter and debris found on the ground!

I helped Mark for a couple of hours and prepared a meatloaf for lunch.  Oops….I put it in the Crockpot at 9 am, which meant it would be ready early afternoon.  Since no one on the family (except me!) enjoys mashed potatoes,  I decided to make potato salad to go with the meatloaf.  Well, as soon as I had most of the ingredients assembled,  I realized I had no celery.  No problem….I would mak a trip to the market in Naples and grab some.

On the way back home, I just had to stop briefly in Woodville.  I was shocked at the vast amounts of wild Irises growing there!  I had never noticed them previously as I hadn’t frequented that area until we bought the inflatable kayaks last year.  We got them well after the Irises would have been in bloom.

How fortunate I was to capture a Bumblebee visiting the beautiful yellow flowers!



We have been getting “copious” amounts of rainfall the past few days.  (“Copious” was the term used on the news report today!) The skies have been very overcast and the rain seems to just keep coming and going!  While I was in Woodville,  the skies remained rain-free and the water was mirrorlike…..


As I was getting into the Explorer,  I saw this boat (?) barge (?) that is seen early in the spring, making its way up the lake and around the lake, installing docks for cottage and home owners.


And I spotted even larger patches of those pretty wild Irises!


I got back home and prepared everything for a late lunch.  We had decided to go out right after lunch because we needed to replace a cable that locks up the brakes on the camper in the event it becomes disconnected.  The old cable got frayed and needed to be replaced before we take the camper for inspection tomorrow.

After lunch, Mark decided he would rather stay home and finish up some paperwork for the kids’ school reports.   Michelle and I would go to Lowe’s and pick up the necessary parts.  Mark decided that since we would be going to Canandaigua,  Michelle and I might as well take the LP gas cylinders off the camper to have them filled.

Michelle and I removed the cylinders and as I was replacing the cover back on, didn’t a piece of metal smash my finger and cut it!  I was so disgusted….I walked back to the house to wash my hand and tell Mark I should probably get a tetanus shot as my last one was in 1996.  I told Mark I would see if perhaps our doctor (in Canandaigua as well) could work me in for a shot.

When I arrived at the doctor’s office,  the receptionist told me that the doctor had undergone emergency surgery herself last Monday and wasn’t in the office.  My heart sank.  The girl called the doctor and she said to check and see if I could get in at a clinic.  Nope.  The receptionist then called another center and they were available in a walk-in basis.  When the receptionist told the doctor, (yes, another call!)  our doctor said she had a friend visiting and if I would hang on a few minutes, she would have him drive her to the office!  (she only lives a mile or so away)

Did I ever mention how much we LOVE our doctor?  She was so incredible….she gave me the shot and explained about how she had issues that wound her in the hospital last Sunday night! She also told me that she wanted to give me the shot, as going to the clinic would carry a hefty $50 or $100 co-pay as opposed to the $20 co-pay at her office.   She is so amazing and such a dedicated doctor!!!

Well, we didn’t get the gas cylinders filled, but Michelle and I did a little shopping and then headed back home.

We are planning to go on a little outing tomorrow so Mark informed me I had an order for 24 bottles of essential oils to ship tomorrow.  I spent the next hour and a half pouring the oils up into bottles and packing them.  I finished up shortly before 11.

Yes, this seemed like the day that went on and on…And even though we sailed through rough waters,  everything worked out so very well!  Now….I just hope my arm doesn’t ache like crazy tomorrow when I wake up!