To Market, to Market….

Our kids had made plans for today that included meeting friends in Canandaigua this afternoon.   This was fine and we were prepared to take them until a small conflict came up……Seems I had a dentist appointment at 3:30 this afternoon to get my new crown placed on the tooth that had broken.  (I am not totally daft! I had given Mark my appointment card so he could place a reminder on the computer and I failed to get the card back. Instead, Mark neatly placed it in a small niche of his desk drawer organizer.)

Along about 8:30 this morning, I decided to give the dentist office a call.  I had devised a plan, after all!  I would call and ask if any earlier appointments had been cancelled and then see if my appointment could be moved up to earlier in the day. 

I called….

“Dr.  xxx’s office. Can I help you?”

I explain who I am.  Then I make my proposal.

“You have an appointment today“?

I answer affirmatively.  “It says June 16 at 3:30 pm.  Today is the 16th, isn’t it”?

The receptionist makes a strange noise….

Seems when my appointment was made, the card was filled out, but the time was not put in the computer! Uh oh! 

Long story short…I rescheduled (well, I guess my phantom appointment might not have really counted, after all!) for next Monday morning.

We went about our business this morning and into the afternoon until it was time to leave.  We had decided to make a trip to the grocery store as I hadn’t done any “serious” grocery shopping in weeks!  In order to shop, we would have to leave the Scotties home because the weather forecast was for some warm (hot to me!) temperatures.

Michelle brought up the two crates and placed them side by side in the kitchen.  Interestingly, BOTH Scotties decided to go into the smaller of the two crates…..


Silly boys!

We were off to Canandaigua.  Mark stopped at McDonald’s and the kids and I got small sundaes.  As we were leaving, we saw several old Model T Fords parked across the street at the Ford garage.  Mark asked if I might want to photograph them and I said sure!

This old truck makes appearances in local parades and such. It belongs to the folks who own a furniture store.


I nearly missed the next car, as it was leaving and I had little time to focus. The sign on the side of the vehicle rather piqued my curiosity, though….


I looked on the internet and found this:



We saw a few more cars scattered here and there, going down the road. Too bad I couldn’t have photographed each of them!  Yes, they are celebrating the centennial of a coast-to-coast race of Model T’s!  We even came upon on one as we headed east to Geneva!


Boy, if that vehicle (black) with the little back window and skinny wheels doesn’t remind me of an Amish horse and buggy….no wonder they were referred to as “horseless carriages”!

Mark and I stopped at Kentucky Fried Chicken and picked up a meal.  Then we went down by Seneca Lake.  It was looking so beautiful!


After our meal, we hopped on over to BJ’s where we got many items we were out of or nearly out of!  Before we finished, the kids called saying they were ready to be picked up.  After getting them,  I went into Wegman’s and bought even more goodies!  Then it was time to head home to the wee boys.

All in all, a rather pleasant day!