So…You Think You Know How to Relax?

Yes, at the end of a long day….a physically tough job….or even a stress-filled few hours….you settle down and just relax and let yourself unwind.  Ah….feels so good, doesn’t it?   Nothing is worse than feeling tense and overworked!

Well, take it from Murphy….


Yes, although his biggest worry of the day is that his cookie tin might run empty,  Murphy does like to de-stress at the end of the day.  Just look at those paws up in the air as he stretches out!

And look at the peaceful and happy look on that Scottie face!


Does he look troubled?  Is he worried about where his next meal might come from?  I think not! Look at his little lip shining and looking as though he is *smiling*.  I call Scottie lips “licorice lips”!

And Mark loves the little Scottie “bear paws”…..


I kid you not, Murphy never even budged a muscle as I snapped these photos, complete with flash!