Beauty in the Bristolwood

After yesterday’s post here about that absolutely disgusting hairy spider dragging off the caterpillar, I felt a bit remorseful!   I went out early today before the skies darkened and the rain fell to look for some more *cheerful* subjects.  Of course, there are many to be found!

Take, for instance this lovely bouquet of wildflowers growing alongside the road.

wildflowers-down-by-the-roadsmall Mark called to me this afternoon….could I hear the bird chirping?  Yes, the entire house could hear!  There was a Robin chirping the most outstandingly happy tune!  I went out to see what was making the bird so happy. (Of course, I figured it was just the fact that there were so many juicy caterpillars to munch on, how could the bird not be happy? ) I was wrong!


 Not too sure which bird was which, but it seems the happy tune had something to do with a pair of Robins courting!  One was sitting on the driveway…..

And one was sitting in the tree.


 I couldn’t end this without a photo of a pretty Peony flower!  Last year,  I really did have only one flower!  This year, the bushes are blessing us with many fragrant flowers! 


These Peonies are special as they were given to me by my father.  They came from his mother’s garden many years ago.  My  Grandmother Manelick passed away in May of 1972,  so these bushes are real treasures!