A New Look and Hopefully….

pink-star-columbinessmall1my blog will keep working now and displaying properly!

 Mark, being somewhat of a computer geek, (shhh….don’t tell him I said that!)  took pity on me and began doing some research on blogging and such.  When I told him all of the pictures displayed fine for me on my laptop and cell phone, he asked me to show him.  Sure enough, they were fine.  Further research on Mark’s part proved that because my devices are using IE 7 and not the newer version 8,  everything was fine.  There is a compatability problem with IE 8 and the default WordPress Theme I had been using.

Thus, the newer theme which Mark has already thought about helping me redo to make it a little more attractive!

Phew….I certainly *hope* everything will be a-okay now!

In other events of the days past….Ben was sifting our rocky soil through a coarse screen Sunday evening.  He used his hands to rub the soil through the screen, unaware there was a small hole in the screen.  He came in the house saying a piece of the wire went through his skin.  We called the pediatrician’s emergency number and they told us it should be fine to have a tetanus shot within 48 hours.  So, on Monday, he got a shot!  (Strange….every time I have ever had a tetanus shot, the pain afterward where the shot was given was nearly unbearable. Ben says he feels NO pain!)

Today, the kids had dental appointments.  Busy, busy!

I am posting this after Mark showed me the problems and the fix!  Ah, it will be good to get back to the business of blogging once again!