The Trouble with Small Ears!

I suppose at one point or another, everyone will find themselves attached to a device which requires the use of headphones. And thus begins my dilemma!

For some reason unknown to me, I cannot find a set of headphones with the little “doo-dads” that will fit into my ears. I have tried several different varieties, including the itty bitty silicone ones. No matter how hard I try to insert the buggers, as soon as I turn my head, they fall out. Very strange, say I!

Now if you think that I have given up too easily, let me tell you that each member of my own family has tried (diligently!) to place those little “plugs” into my ears. None has succeeded! In fact, it was only after all attempts failed that Mark looked for a set of headphones that fit over the ears!

Sennheiser to the rescue!


These Sennheiser headphones are the most fantastic headphones I have ever heard! Although they aren’t studio quality, they have a very nice sound. Add to that the fact that while listening to music at a respectable level, I can still hear conversations around me, and well, it is a win-win situation! See how they fold up?


And fit neatly into their compact case. Okay, so they are larger than the tiny ones that fit into the ear, but I don’t mind.


The other day, I saw one of the neighbor kids walking up our hill after being dropped off by the school bus. I stopped to talk to him for a few minutes and he removed a pair of headphones from his ears….interestingly, they were similar to my Sennheisers, although much more “flashy”! I couldn’t help but wonder as I pulled away if perhaps he also has “small ears”?