Shall We Talk Turkey?

I spent a great deal of time being miserable today.  Seems something made me awaken with a terrible headache that just refused to let up.  I took some Tylenol and even that didn’t work, so I decided to just take it easy.  So easy, I didn’t get any photos!

I know there is much to be photographed right here in the Bristolwood.  However! Those gypsy moth caterpillars are making the outdoors a most unsavory place to be! Consider this….if I go outside when there is no noise, it actually sounds as though it is lightly raining.  Yes, those filthy little worms that ruin our beautiful canopy above also litter the entire woods with their droppings!  The canopy is truly shrinking. I hate this. I really do.

Michelle was making up a stir fry of vegetable lo mein when she came upstairs and asked me to bring down my camera with the “big lens”.   I have the big one on the Nikon D-80 at present, so I grabbed the camera and went to the window with her….

It is so unusual to see one lone turkey hen!  She was just walking along the pathway behind the pool as though she had done it many times!

Just when I had been thinking I had missed yet another entire day with no photos!  I had missed three Tom turkeys yesterday at my mother-in-law’s house when a neighbor’s dog came out yapping and scared them away!   I love it when nature presents itself to my lens! 

If you click on the photos, they will expand. Twice gives you a full screen shot.  Now, on this last photo, if you think I might have been exaggerating just a bit about those blasted caterpillars, take a look on that Maple tree just to the left of the bird. That big black “cluster” at about her head level is a group of gypsy moth caterpillars!

I will be so glad when these caterpillars are gone!  In the meantime, I am thankful for squirrels, chipmunks, robins, chickadees, and nuthatches…all predators of gypsy moth caterpillars!