Another Fly-by Day!

It seems like today was just a blur! There was so much to do, but for some reason, the morning dragged by.  We went to Rochester to do a little work for my mother-in-law this afternoon.  Of course, once we were out of the house, the time dissolved just like a vapor!

My mother-in-law has a problem with gutters that overflow during storms.  Ben cleaned them out a couple of weeks ago, but they were plugged up once again, so Mark bought covers for them that allow the rain to flow freely, but screen traps all the “junk” so it cannot enter the gutters.  We bought these guards for our house, and living in the woods where there is endless “tree litter”, they have worked very well.  We will see how they do for her….

Oh, the Poppies above are found not too far from our house.  A house nearby has them in their garden, but these must have reseeded themselves, for they are growing “wildly” in a field.  They are so beautiful and I have wanted to stop and photograph them for the longest time!  And as an added surprise, in stepping up to the ditch on the side of the road in front of the Poppies is the thickest mat of Lilies of the Valley I have ever seen!