High Flyers and Such

We had planned to go out today as a family, but last night, Mark had a terrible bout with a “bad stomach”.  We had gone to the store earlier, and he kept saying his stomach was bloating and feeling uncomfortable. Thankfully, it only lasted a couple of hours, and then he was fine.

Late this afternoon, Michelle and I went out to Canandaigua.  Mark told us to just go out and spend some time enjoying ourselves, so I took along the camera!  The weather has been very dismal and dreary lately, so I wasn’t sure about finding anything interesting to photograph!

We drove up our road….now, seriously, if one were to venture forth on this road,  one would truly think they had lost all contact with human civilization.  Truth is, the road is now partially paved and is *much* better than the “goat path” it was when we moved here nearly seventeen years ago!  Back then, it honestly looked like a path leading to nowhere!

I rather like the properties up at the top of the hill. They are scenic and have some amazing views….of the ski mountain lit in the winter,  the lake, and also the red lights signalling the wind generators at night, located a good twenty miles away! There are few homes located there…I suppose people bought the land hoping it would increase in value over the years.  When we were searching for our “perfect spot”, the prices of land located there were prohibitive to our budget!

As we drove on, we noticed a hawk sailing above us, so I hopped out and took a picture….

And I also stopped to grab a small cluster of flowers off a Locust tree for Michelle to smell…oh, they are so fragrant!  Michelle asked me if these were the “locusts” John the Baptist ate and I told her I didn’t think so! Funny thing is,  as I looked at information about Locust trees, I saw that Black Locust contain a component necessary for making honey!  Interesting…..

We continued on our way and I decided I was going to turn into the parking area for Onanda Park.  This park is located on Canandaigua Lake, but the lot is high up on a hill overlooking the lake. 

At the top of the parking lot is an entrance for a hiking trail.  I had never taken the time to stop here before, but the trail looks intriguing.  The kids and I will have to check this out!

As we drove back down to the main road, Michelle and I laughed, as it looked like it was snowing! If you click on the photo below, you can see all the Cottonwood “litter” in the air. It made my nose itch just looking at it!

Michelle and I were on our way once again.  She was happily texting on my cell phone, when she looked up and commented about a Heron perched on a floating dock in the lake.  This piqued my (curious) nature and I immediately turned the Explorer around and drove back to where she saw the bird. Sure enough, it looked so content just sitting there taking in the views!

That was the end of my photos for the day.  We had to get on our way once again.  We shopped for a few things, then headed back home.  I was happy we didn’t stray too far from home today, as I was able to get the lawn mowed and some laundry caught up.  The kids are getting so close to finishing up their studies and we are all getting excited about spending some time camping and getting out a bit more to relax instead of running to the store and on errands!