Springtime Symphony!

Yes, the Springtime Symphony filled the air this morning as I took the Scotties out this morning.  I could hear so many beautiful sounds!  It is such a tremendous lift on a dark, cloudy morning, such as the one we are experiencing today.

After coming back in from taking the boys out,  I got my camera out to take a few photos. Walking past the table,  I looked at the flowers Ben had picked for me on Sunday.  After our little flat tire “escapade” Sunday evening, Ben was so disappointed to find the flowers wilted and looking very forlorn.  When he saw them later on Sunday night after I placed them in water, he was amazed to see them perked up and looking as though they had just been picked!

Sitting near the flowers was this magazine….

A couple days ago, I had taken a turkey breast and cooked it in the Crockpot.  I put it in a little refrigerator in the garage where it FROZE!  Ah well.  After thawing it so I could cut it, I used one of the recipes from the magazine above. The recipe called for two cups of chicken, but we used turkey instead.  The recipe was called “Country Chicken Casserole”.  It had so many goodies in it besides the turkey….mushrooms, onions, cooked potatoes,cubed, half-and-half, roasted red peppers (that I used instead of pimientos). The recipe also called for salt, rosmary, and parsley.  In lieu of those, I used some Weber’s Kickin’ Chicken.  The one thing I added to the recipe which it seemed to be lacking (to our family) was a cup of Co-jack cheese!

Mark doesn’t care for casseroles.  He really doesn’t like potatoes at all, either.  Ben took a look at all he ingredients and his mouth watered, but when I told him I was making a casserole, he turned and walked away saying *he* doesn’t care for casseroles, either. 

Well, after the casserole sat on the stove for about half an hour, it was ompletely gone. AND, Michelle and I did NOT eat the entire thing! Mark asked when I was going to be making it again!

Back this morning….

I went outside where I thought I would show what a spectacular presence the Columbines are making this year in the garden between the house and garage.  But first, I have to show you the GIANT Columbines!

As opposed to the “regular” variety…..

Well, the Columbines all started out the same size.  The giant ones reseeded themselves right next to my (very) wayward Bleeding Heart.  I remember reading that if plants are spaced a bit closer, they do compete with one another,  often growing larger than usual.  Thus, this was the case with the “mutant” Columbines! I did go out and butcher the Bleeding Heart the other day.  I had enough of it taking over the garden, so I trimmed it. Severely!

Here is a photo from the back of the house looking towards the front. You can see how the giants in the back stand a good bit taller than the “norm”!

We had planned to get new tires yesterday, but the day had ideas of its own and we ended up doing little odds and ends that needed attention.  It was just as well as I wasn’t feeling too great….I seemed to have a fever and felt very tired and run down. 

Hopefully, today will be better..I fee fine.  I am hoping to get some photos but so far, the darkened grey skies aren’t very promising!