Early Yesterday Morning

Before our friend called needing a ride yesterday,  I was trying out some different settings and playing with the new camera.  I had forgotten I had taken these photos when I posted last night.

When Murphy wakes up in the morning, he is just like a little baby.  First, he eats, then he goes outside to do his thing.  Upon returning to the house, he plays.  Our Angus has never been overly fond of toys, but Murphy has so much fun squeaking toys and chasing back and forth with them.  He is so comical to watch,  and when he tires, he ususally curls up into a little ball and naps.  Yesterday, he set his toy duck down, then flopped down next to it,  their noses nearly touching…

It was a good thing Murphy was relaxing when this little visitor came calling….

While I am not especially happy to have squirrels coming right up to the house,  after reading that they actually eat gypsy moth caterpillars,  I was *thrilled* to see this fellow on the railing of the back deck.  We are currently watching the caterpillars devour the greenery on the trees.  It is upsetting, annoying, and frustrating.  I told one of Michelle and Ben’s friends the other day, I had no idea I had so much hatred in my heart for those caterpillars!   They are disgusting….hanging out of the trees and crawling all over the siding and porches on the house.  Argh!

So, now that my rant is over, how about a picture of a Mourning Dove?  This one watched the camera so nicely from the window feeder!

And lastly, how about a buttercup?? I just love the censors and metering on the new camera.  It is so amazing and I was in awe of how fantastic the color, texture, and *reality* of the buttercup came through!

So, just so no one would think I am lazy or such, we are going off in a bit to get a new set of tires for the truck.  In placing the spare on, we could see that the treads on the old tires are so worn, a new set would make for much safer driving conditions.  And since we will be pulling the camper this summer, safety is a really important factor!

So….if you have images of me sitting on the sofa, daintily munching on bonbons with a book in my hands, WAKE UP!