Tomorrow…..I’m NOT Getting Up!

Today was one of the oddest days I have ever encountered.  After getting a call from a friend this morning, we ended up taking her to the emergency room this afternoon, where she was examined and released.  She was having an allergic reaction to a medication and was concerned.  After the examination, she was feeling better just knowing that the reaction wasn’t severe enough to be overly concerned.

After taking our friend back to her house,  we decided to take a short ride not too far from home.

A few years ago, Mark received a newsletter from a spinal cord association and in it was one little piece of really cool information.  It explained how New York has special areas where physically-challenged people may drive their vehicles, including ATV’s, on trails to enjoy the out-of-doors.  Mark called the state concerning this and was sent a key that unlocks the gates to these specially-designated areas.

So today, we took a peek at a couple of entrances…The pictures for today were taken with the little Panasonic camera.  I didn’t think it would have been appropriate to take along my whole arsenal this afternoon, so I had to settle for “stealth”!

Wow, we are “authorized”!

And, we have a key!

These pretty flowers are found everywhere along the roadside. Ben brought a couple stems for me to smell! They looked so pretty on the dashboard!

As we were driving along a road a few miles away from home,  Mark made a remark about the truck’s steering pulling to the right. He gave a few different scenarios that could cause such a phenomenon but we continued on.

We stopped at the area where the geese families had been near Woodville,  but there wasn’t a goose to be found!  Instead, we found some pretty wild Irises growing right at the water’s edge.

There were also lots of the pretty flowers like Ben picked me.

We drove a few hundred feet and Mark pulled into the Woodville boat launch….

Yup, a flat tire was the LAST thing we needed! Mark dialed AAA and they said they would send someone out to change the tire.  In the meantime, Mark and the kids got out and took out the spare tire.  Then they jacked the truck up and changed the tire!  Mark had to call and cancel the call for help.

It was interesting sitting in the truck with the Scottie boys and watching the passers-by.  Many people looked and gawked as they saw Mark sitting in the wheelchair with two teens working on changing a tire. A Sherriff’s deputy came by and he offered his help, but when Mark told him the kids were getting a lesson in tire-changing, he smiled and moved on.  Two other older fellows came by and offered their services as well.

We finally arrived back home shortly before eight. Wow, it is so cold out…there is a frost warning for tonight!  It was so good to come home to a warm and cozy house.

The most bizzarre part of today was when Mark commented that it was ten years ago that he suffered the spinal cord injury.  In so many ways, it seems like it hasn’t been that long and in others, it seems like it has been forever….

As for tomorrow, perhaps I will just remain in bed and pass the hours watching videos, reading, sipping tea and just relaxing!  Okay, so maybe not!

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  1. Personally, your day sounded rather nice….except for the flat tire! And tomorrow’s plans sound delightful….nice book, cozy chair and warm house…just right! We’re driving back home in the morning as it is freezing here in Henderson tonight!! Supposed to be kind of cold all week I think. Can you believe this is JUNE??

  2. What an adventure! And what a great idea about the special areas [with such beautiful flowers!] Good to hear your friend is doing alright after a scare too.

    Enjoy tomorrow!

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