The Strange Entourage…

Late yesterday afternoon, we went to Canandaigua. Michelle wanted to stop at Burger King for a slice of Hershey’s Pie, and as we were sitting in the parking lot there,  I looked up and saw all sorts of flashing lights coming down 5 & 20.

Upon getting over the initial shock, we began to wonder what all the hoopla was about!  There were certified vehicles with the “wide load” signs, a truck, and state trooper.  Then followed this truck…

As you can see, the “load” consists of what looks like a huge “room”. The ends both appear to slide out, and even perhaps the side we see with the window in it.  Through the window, machinery with engines could be seen.  We marveled and found ourselves speculating what on earth this thing was.

After the above truck a small truck followed, its payload filled with spare tires for the above unit.  Then another pickup truck, then another state trooper, followed by yet another “wide load” certified vehicle.  It was quite the sight to see!

The entire entourage went down the road so slowly, a conditioned runner could have easily accompanied the troop.  And, shortly after this group passed, yet another, just like it, came thorugh!

We’ve no idea what this was, but Michelle wondered if it was some type of nuclear “stuff”!  As Mark thought about the direction they were headed, he said they could possibly be headed to a nuclear power station located to our northeast.  Whatevr the situation, I have not seen state troopers involved in accompanying wide loads before.

I wish I would have photographed the trucks that traveled in this group, as they migh have given us some clue as to what we saw!  Ah well, it certainly did pique our imaginations…at least for awhile!

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