Testing, Testing, 1,2,3

Last week, a package arrived at our house.  It contained a couple of camera lenses to test, along with a new Nikon D-90 camera.  (Oh, and a Nikon flash)  I had my heart set on the Nikon D-300, but as Mark read literature and compared the two camera specs side by side, he was convinced my socks would be knocked off by the D-90, which also happens to be less costly. It does have many of the same features as the D-300.

Don’t get me wrong….I love my Nikon D-80 and have been very content with it.  However, the camera has some “issues” that make photography somewhat frustrating at times.  It tends to consistently overexpose and I am often fiddling a lot more than photographing!  No problem with a non-moving subject, but a bit discouraging when action is involved.

Today, I decided to open the box and begin testing out the D-90. 

Wow! I took the camera out of its box and put it together.  I got a kit that included the camera body, along with an 18-105mm VR (vibration reduction) lens.  I decided not to adjust any of the settings….just use everything in default…to see how it functions straight “outta the box”!

Here are the results:

At this point, I am going to show a comparison. Please ignore the (very) shallow depth of field in the following photo.  I was using the GINORMOUS new telephoto lens and honed in, trying my hand at getting the stamens (?) in sharp focus.  The point is this…I had to fiddle and fiddle with exposure compensation to try to capture the right color in the following photo using the D-80.  The color is what this comparison is all about and I am here to tell you that the Nikon D-90 captured the colors accurately and spot-on!  There is a much greater blue color to the flower than the (compromised) mousy-purple I had settled upon. 

Okay, so you are probably thinking “this woman has gone NUTS!”  Perhaps. But, in my humble opinion, the Nikon D-90 ROCKS!!!

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  1. Wow. Those colours, sorry colors 🙂 🙂 , are simply superb. Vivid, bright and just wondrous. Enjoy the new toy!

  2. I’m thinkin’ the D-90 DOES ROCK!! Those pics are even more AMAZING than your usual ones…..WOW!!! Good for you….or good for Mark?! Saved $$ and great camera…what a bargain!

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