Another Canandaigua Wednesday

The kids have been keeping very busy with their schooling, anxious to finish up within the next couple of weeks.  After another hard day of work, Ben and I decided to take a break and go over to Canandaigua. There were a few items we needed at the store and we thought we would also check out the lagoon located between 5&20 and the lake.

As we got out of the Explorer, we saw two little Westies enjoying an early evening walk.  They were so friendly….they came bounding right up to me to say hello.  They certainly have a different countenence from my Scottie boys! My boys are so stoic!

Although the lagoon probably wouldn’t be considered as real picturesque, it is a very pretty area with a great path running through it for strolling or jogging!

People do seem to find this area a draw for fishing.  I love the bright yellow color of the Wild Irises that grow along the banks, scattered here and there.

Although I heard many bird calls, they seemed to be pretty well hidden from sight amongst the greenery.  I was happy to capture a shot of a sweet little Black Capped Chickadee. It flitted so rapidly from branch to branch, it seemed a real chore trying to hone in my focus!

As Ben and I finished our jaunt, we saw some awesome skies. They were getting darker and darker by the minute. We still had a few things to buy, so we had to scurry back to the Explorer and get moving!

It was (much) warmer today than yesterday.  It almost felt humid and when I tried to take photos of sailboats, they came out terribly because of the haze.  Gotta love our weather!

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  1. I love the last picture! I am always in awe of seeing fronts moving through, especially when they are so clearly defined. Great shot!

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