Haul Out the Thermals!

My mind is totally baffled!  How could we have been out on the lake, enjoyng the sunshine and floating about in our kayaks yesterday and shivering in our shoes today?  Well, it isn’t snowing, but it sure is chilly!

We did have a little sun this morning.  I was out mowing the lawn as it was looking pretty shoddy.  It never got very warm so it was perfect weather for mowing. After I finished, I went and got my camera to snap a few pictures of my pretty posies in the front garden.  I call it the “perennial garden” but who am I kidding?  ALL of the plants I place in the ground are perennials!

I certainly have a lot of pink out there, don’t I?  Ah well, the Butterfly bushes are purple!

Hopefully, I will be getting out to take some photos soon.  There is so much going on this time of the year!

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  1. LOVE all your Pretty Pinks! I hear ya about the temps!! We were at the Outlet Mall today and I swear it dropped twenty degrees in just a couple of hours!

  2. Sounds like you’re experiencing Scottish weather! After last week’s glorious sunshine, it’s freezing this week!

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