Wondrous Beautiful Day!

Wow…what a weekend this was..it seems to have disappeared like a vapor!  We covered so much territory and now I need the rest of the week to relax!

Today was the “official” Memorial Day.  Memorial is a day of remembrance….the day when we pause from our busy days and lives to remember those who paid to keep the US a free nation.  Yesterday afternoon, we visited the grave of my father-in-law, who was a Korean War veteran.  We bought some artificial flowers which I arranged and placed on his grave, along with an American flag. It is always sobering to visit the war sections of the cemetery and see the names and often short-lived lives buried there.

We had planned to meet my parents and Randy today at a lake located a couple of hours from our house.  It is a small lake and we consider it a “hidden gem”  that is great for our little inflatable kayaks! The only “snafu” encountered today was my “oops!” plan to secure pizza and wings from a fabulous pizzeria located only a few short miles from the lake.  As it turned out, the establishment was closed for the holiday!

Funny the things one sees while walking behind a closed business!

We thought perhaps because it was still relatively early in the day (at least for pizza and wings) the business just hadn’t opened for business.  So, we headed to the lake!

The next few photos were taken with my little Panasonic TZ-5 while “floating in the boat”!  The image stabilization on that little camera is so nice.  I was bobbing up and down in my little kayak and really wondered if any of my photos would even turn out…

Michelle and I tired a bit sooner than Randy and Ben, so we headed back.  It was such a terrific day. The temperature was very comfortable and there was a cool breeze coming in off the water.  We could not have ordered a more fitting day for our outing! We chatted with my parents and Mark while waiting for Randy and Ben’s return.

There was a cute little restaurant located right on the lake, but it was a little pricey, so Mark looked on his GPS and found another pizzeria in town not far from the (closed for the day)  one we had initially chosen.  We ordered pizza and wings and feasted like kings and queens at our little space we had claimed at the water’s edge.  I had brought a table, chairs, and all the little necessities for a picnic.  My mom also made the most heavenly fruit mix that was really the “icing on the cake”!

We chatted and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, not wanting such a delightful day to come to an end.  But, it did indeed end and we made our way back to the Bristolwood.  Not too far from home, we saw beautiful colors in the westen sky….

If only there was a way to save these memorable days!

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  1. It’s days like these that I really miss my own mom. Hearing you talk about your holiday with yours brings back special memories. Your pictures came out really gorgeous! Considering you were in an inflatable boat….I need to get me an image stabilizer!! Loved all of these photos….and I do believe that you have found a way to save your memorable days…..you blog it! Thanks so much for sharing and glad you had a great holiday weekend!!

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