Testing the New Lens

After going through some really nutty stuff with my blog the past few days,  things are beginning to look like they are taking shape.  Phew…what a relief!

We ordered a new lens for my camera to try out and today I went down to Woodville to visit my little goose friends.  If you take a look at the photo, I *think* you will see a “bit” of a difference from past photos!

I also took a photo of a grouping of American flags for sale at the Dollar Tree late yesterday afternoon.  The ironic thing is, I bet dimes to donuts those flags were NOT made in the good ole US of A!

I loved the way the sun was filtering through the flags and the wind was blowing, causing them to ripple!

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, so everyone will be displaying their flags! This weekend also basically starts off the summer season at parks and campgrounds here in the US.

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  1. Very clear indeed!

    Enjoy the long weekend. And pardon my antipodean ignorance, but what is Memorial Day and what does it symbolise? I am assuming war dead, but I am not sure.

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