Cannot Compete With Yesterday’s Photos

Yeah….there is no way I can even come close to competing with that photo of the tiny fawn bedded down on the leaves from yesterday!  I have looked in the woods for the past two or three years for a little fawn with no luck at all.  One year, I came across tiny fawns two or three times!  So…yesterday’s discovery was so exciting!

But not all days are full of sunshine and butterflies!  Today started out looking like quite the fine day. The sun was shining and it was nice and warm.  As the day progressed, the skies darkened and we had thunderstorms!  We rarely get thunderstorms here.  I’m not sure why, but they generally pass us by. 

After the rains came pouring down,  I decided to hop on out and take a few photos.  I had noticed that one of my favorite Columbine plants had some flowers getting ready to bloom.  These photos really don’t look like much unless you click to expand them.  (2 clicks makes them *really* big!)

After showing my mother-in-law’s elegant Azalea the other day, my little Azalea looks beyond pathetic!  You can’t see the whole plant…that would be shameful!  I bought this Azalea at WalMart several years ago for about seventy-five cents.  It was in clearance and I thought perhaps I could make it grow. Wrong!  After I had gotten it home,  I read the tag on it, stating that it is compatible with a planting zone like Missouri or Oklahoma.  I’m not sure how it has survived (if the tag was even right),  but I do feed it and prune it to encourage some better growth. 

I came into the house to upload photos and there *he* was……

Did you see that (naughty) bright red Cardinal sitting in the tree outside the window?  That bird has become a frequent feeder here but I am convinced he uses sonar!  I have seen him numerous times sitting outside the window.  Every single time, without failure,  that bird sees me with my camera and flitters out of my range!  I have even tried covert techniques to capture that bird in just ONE lousy photo!  Have you ***ever*** tried taking a photograph while lying on your BACK so as not to “disturb” your subject?  Enough said!