Finding “Extra” in the Ordinary

After reading about everyone procrastinating or putting off things they would like to see or do,  I am here to tell you that it really is easy to find “extra” in the ordinary! Really!

Michelle and Ben went for a walk in the woods on Monday when we dropped them off early for their youth group.  Long story short, Michelle got into “something” that has resulted in her getting a rash here and there on her neck, hands, and face.  This morning when she came downstairs, she was wearing a pair of lightweight gloves on her hands.  I knew right away that the rash was driving her crazy and offered to run to the store to get her some Benedryl.  As much as the stuff causes me to break out in a rash,  it is designed to alleviate all the itching and misery!

I hopped into the Explorer and made my way down the road.  I had to stop in Woodville, as I had previously spotted the Eagle perched in a tree there one evening.  No eagle…..

I drove down a little further south,  stopping at the place where the Canada Geese hang out.  I was curious to see the geese and to observe the ever-growing young gosling.

I was enjoying watching the geese….I stay inside the Explorer so as not to disturb them, although I know many fishermen (and women) stop there to frequently “drop a line”.   As I was taking photos, I quite suddenly noticed something else…..(you might want to double click these photos to see them in a larger size)

Something was moving about in the water behind them! And it looked fairly large!

I kind of thought perhaps a fish might hop up out of the water and grab a bug, but it just never happened. Instead, there was just a lot of movement and “nearly” coming to the surface.  What on earth was it?

Being dedicated to TRYING to get a good photo,  I held the camera steady to my face.  I shot many, many photos.  (most were deleted)

I snapped to the reality that I was on my way to the drugstore, and  decided I needed to leave the area to get Michelle some medication!  Off I went to the store. I picked up the medicine, then made my way back towards home.

As I drove past the place where the geese were, I stopped momentarily, but there was no sign of either the geese or the mysterious “thing” that had been moving about in the water.  Hmmm….

As I drove towards the boat launch, I pulled in, discovering the only others there were a man and his very large black lab dog.  I hopped out of my vehicle and called over to the man, “Are you a fisherman?”  He couldn’t hear me as the wind was blowing quite briskly.

I walked toward him with my camera and upon questioning him again, I showed him the photo of the “what’sit?”  and he scratched his head a moment.  He thought, then told me that if the water was deep enough, it was probably carp breeding.  Aha!

I looked over to the man’s dog….he was the largest Black Lab I have ever seen, hands down!  The man explained that the vet told him this dog looks to be an English Black Lab, which are larger than the typical labs we see here.  So, meet Brutus!

He was such a friendly big fellow and the man told me he is spoiled rotten!

Brutus  went out into the water to fetch a stick….what a good fellow he was!  He came right over to me and his master must have been nervous he might jump up on me. He didn’t  though, and I rather admired his gentle nature!

Brutus’s one large fault, I was told, was his insatiable appetite! Even as his master was telling me, Brutus went over to nibble on some broad grass growing right next to the water!

So, another ordinary day turned “extra”.  Not “extraordinary”, really, but something more than expected!