A Day at Grandma’s

This afternoon, my mother-in-law had a doctor’s appointment and she asked us to take her to the office.  She didn’t need anyone to go into the office with her, but just felt too nervous to drive to the appointment. After the appointment,  we needed to pick up some bags of topsoil, pine bark chips, and mulch for my mother-in-law.

I was feeling in a “funk” today….not *really* sick, but just feeling kind of stiff, tired, and lacking motivation. Moving at all just felt like it took far too much effort!

After arriving at my mother-in-law’s house,  she put the kids to work.  Ben went to work cleaning (and even taking apart) some downspouts. It seems the landscaper blew a lot of leaf litter into the gutters and they were clogged quite shut.  Ben was incredible,  popping the rivets from the joints and replacing them with tiny screws. (so taking them apart next time will be easier!)

Michelle opened the bags of pine bark chips and began placing them around a planting of azaleas, rhododendron, and a beautiful Japanese Maple.  The azalea is still in bloom and I couldn’t resist a photo of the flowers….

My mother-in-law lives in the suburbs and she has such a beautiful piece of property.  My father-in-law used to spend so much time planting things all over the yard and he really took pride in their home.

It is funny…I was talking here on my blog about the Mennonite-built Wood Tex sheds and completely forgot my in-laws had bought one probably eight or ten years ago.  And, it still looks in great condition.

The sun was shining and it was a very warm day.  Mark wondered if that might have been what caused me to feel so out of sorts.  I’m really not at all sure, but even walking around with the camera seemed a challenge. But I really liked this shot of the sun illuminating the shockingly green new maple leaves on a tree above me!

As Ben was finishing up working on the downspouts,  I noticed that a bird was making an awful chatter.  I had an inkling there *might* be a nest somewhere nearby and we were disturbing the bird!  I peeked inside the shrubs and bushes and found a nest deep inside a bush….

Not sure what type of nest that is. 

I helped my mother-in-law feed some plants.  She said she would have a hard time bending down to place the fertilizer, as her knee has had some pain lately.  I crawled around, placing the fertilizer around the bases of several bushes, then watering them.  When I finished,  I commented I was so tired….Mark suggested I crawl in the back seat of the truck, which I immedately did.

It was awesome lying across the seat of the truck.  It is just the right size for (short) me to stretch out. I had the windows rolled partway down and the cool breeze coming in was fantastic.  A cardinal whistled in the trees and several other birds sang along. It was so peaceful and comforting.

I had fallen asleep (only a short time) when Michelle came to awaken me to tell me the pizza guy had just delivered a pizza.   I climbed out of my comfortable perch and sat in the back of the pickup. We have a nice “Bedrug” in our truck bed….it is marine grade carpeting that makes sitting in the back a real joy.  We left the tailgate down and we all sat outside just enjoying the warm air and sunshine.

As we were finishing up, Michelle called out, “Grandma, there is a dog in your backyard”! Then,  she corrected herself, telling us there was a turkey in her yard!

This tom was fairly friendly compared to the turkeys we see here.  It wasn’t overly hurried to make a getaway. 

We left and made our way back home, arriving just after seven.  After walking onto our front porch, I leaned over the railing to look down at the little garden in front of the house.  Everything has grown so rapidly this year!

As I was leaning over, I heard a buzzing noise that sounded so close to my ear….

I’m not sure what kind of bee that is, but my head was awfully close to it! Yuck!

I felt better after eating a little, but that was also when it cooled off, so I’m not sure what my problem was today.  I just know that tomorrow, I am going to feel much better!