So, What Does a Rolling Stone Do….

when grounded to home?

Sorry, couldn’t help but continue with the rolling stone theme!  Actually, I feel more like a “stick in the mud” today.  I don’t know why I love being outside and just traveling around so much, but I really do.

There is only one thing to do when stuck at home.  Take pictures. Right?

So, I went up and saw a bumblebee working its way around a patch of dandelions.  I came up with a brilliant idea….lie down in a prone position and see what the bee’s world is like.  So I did.  Hey, my neighbors probably think I am a little “over the top”, so who cares?  Besides, they probably would have wound up driving into the ditch on the side of the road cause they would have to look pretty hard to see me!

Now, if I didn’t get down on the ground, I never would have seen what a mess this little bumble’s face was!

And I had a pretty cool vantage for “lift-off” too!

Here is a picture of the beautiful Tuberose Begonia I bought at the Mennonite store yesterday.  As I read about these begonias on the internet,  one place said they are so lush and beautiful, they almost appear to be fake!

And here is the Martha Washington Geranium I bought.  Since I had success keeping a reguar geranium over the winter,  I figured I would try this one.

It’s a little bit chilly today, but the sun has been out a great deal and the outdoors is just calling out! As I sat on the porch looking at all the awesome foliage,  Icouldn’t help but notice something kind of funny.  Shagbark Hickory tree on the west side of our driveway has leaves coming out nicely…..

while the tree to the east….located about maybe 30′ away,  is still not quite sure it wants to leaf-out!

Yes, as you can see,  I am full of very profound thoughts! hahaha!

And lastly, my little Lillies of the Valley are now all abloom!

I cut several bracts of French White Lilacs this morning and brought them into the house.  Oh my! What a delightful scent they lend to the air!  Okay, so those who really love Spring….I will admit….it is a lovely time of the year!

Oh, and just for the record, I did do some outside work today, mowing the lawn and fertilizing my acid-loving plants.  Just so no one thinks I am lazy…..