A Rolling Stone….

Gathers no moss….so, I am totally moss-free!  Or so it seems…

The kids had their last youth meeting tonight and they wanted to get together early with some of their friends today.  They both worked hard this morning to finish their schoolwork a little earlier than usual and we were off and running once again.

Mark and I were going to have quite a bit of free time, so we decided to make the most of it.  We thought about how to spend the day and headed to the Mennonite store. There were a few things I wanted to buy and I also bought a couple of pretty plants for the front porch. (They remained in the back of the truck as the weatherman said there was a frost threat for tonight!)

As we moved along the road,  I grabbed my camera to shoot (grr…yet another!) photo through the windshield.

Mark commented on what a beautiful wagon! It is pretty. But look how skinny those wheels are!

After the Mennonite store, Mark and I were going to head toward Geneva, but I had this brilliant idea to visit a Mennonite business instead.  There is a small (but seems steadily growing!)  business in a small town called Himrod along Seneca Lake.  It is called Wood Tex Products and they build all types of buildings from gazebos to garages to pretty little cabins! We got some literature while there and admired several of their buildings.

We began making our way up the west side of Seneca Lake to Geneva.  I remembered picking up a pamphlet last week from the Mennonite store about an Amish general store that we would be near on our way up the lake.  I was telling Mark about it and he found information regarding it on the GPS as we sat parked off the road.  I laughed as I looked up and just across the road was a sign advertising the store!

The store was located at the back of a huge older house.  The addition looked like it had been a more “recent”  renovation, but not startlingly different from the rest of the house.  As I walked into the store, I was greeted by two young girls.  One looked about 12 and the other maybe 15 or 16.

The older girl came up to me with a basket and placed it in my hands. When she learned I hadn’t visited the store before, she offered a strategy to follow so I could easily browse the entire store.  There was so much to see….from delighful children’s toys to cookbooks to candles, quilts, fabric and reproductions of antique kitchen utensils.  There was a huge variety of jams, jellies, salsas, and numerous other types of foodstuff.

As I looked around the store, I could hear the girls laughing and talking together nonstop! They were so cute, speaking Pennsylvania Dutch.  Every now and then, they would throw in an English word or expression and it reminded me so much of my own Ukrainian grandparents and how they spoke such a corrupted language!

When it came time to cash out, the young girl came to the register and carefully rang up my order.  She was all business in her long braids and a beautiful dress that caught my eye.  Even though the Amish don’t use modern notions such as zippers and hooks and eyes,  I noticed her dress was neatly pinned at the neck with a pearl hatpin. Rather curious, I thought….wondering how a long pin with a pearl-like top was less flashy than a zipper that is neatly tucked behind a fabric placket. I also wondered how the youngster managed to romp about without being jabbed by the lengthy pin!

Onward to Geneva we went.  By now, it was getting to be supper time, so Mark called in a pizza order to a place right in the city.  At the appointed time,  I went in to pick it up only to find Mark had actually ordered from a store about 6 miles away! Oops! Off we were again….

I took this photo of an engine for the Finger Lakes Railway.  I would really like to travel on this someday!

Mark and I had some pizza and then we went to a Lowe’s store that is new.  It was fun browsing and looking around without anyone rushing us!

After what seemed like such a short time, it was time to head over to the church and gather the kids up for home. As we drove along the country roads,  I just had to capture the big machine in front of us…..

What a contrast this vehicle was compared to the wagon we saw at the beginning of our journey!

Breaking all of the rules,  I aimed the little Panasonic camera right into the setting sun to catch these (I think) heifers.  As the huge tractor and contraption slowly turned into the driveway of the farm, these “cowgirls” kicked up their heels and ran toward the tractor! I love the way the sunlight plays off the grass and barn….

It was such a great day, athough far too short! I should have taken more photos, but in all honesty, I was just kind of relaxing and taking it all in!

Mother’s Day Adventure

Yesterday’s Mother’s Day adventure was a trip to the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge near Seneca Falls, New York.   This refuge is located right along the New York State Thruway (amazingly busy highway!) and is a stopover point for many birds returning north to their homes for the summer months.

We arrived in the early afternoon, only to discover that the best time to visit is early morning or evening.  We still got to see a few cool things.

Yes, those Canadians appear to be everywhere! And there were plenty of little goslings, too!

A pair of Blue-winged Teals.  I have never seen these before.

These birds were off so far in the distance, they were barely visable! I used my telephoto lens, but even it was too short to really make out what they were, exactly.  Knowing that there are many Osprey in the area,  I kind of think that is what they might be.  I could tell by their stature that they were definitely a hawk-like bird and very large!

The Herons were a real treat to see as they were fairly “social”, allowing us to come close enough to see them rather well.

 We went a little farther on down the road after the wildlife refuge, to Kentucky Fried Chicken, where we tried out the new grilled chicken.  For dessert, Michelle had made up some delicious Angel Food Cupcakes!  Not too bad a day for being dark, dreary, cold and windy!