The Zoo Again….and More!

As promised, here I am, back once again!  I promise not to bore you to tears with tons of photos from the zoo. I promise!

I have been keeping an eye on the Lilies of the Valley growing out in our “front yard”.  Yesterday morning before we began our journey to Buffalo, I went down to where they grow and took this photo….

Yes, the little “bells” aren’t opened yet, but I loved the way the plant was catching the sunlight on its leaves.

We were off and running to Buffalo for a day at the zoo.  There was one main thing I wanted to see….the not-so-new-anymore baby Giraffe that was born there late this winter. 

Shortly after entering the zoo, a zoo employee came walking along the sidewalk with a Great Horned Owl perched on a glove on her hand.  It was so beautiful, but the girl called out to everyone not to get too close, as the owl gets very nervous.  In thinking about it,  given the fact that owls are nocturnal, the poor owl was probably a lot more disoriented than “nervous”!

I showed a Polar Bear in last night’s entry, but I had to include this one, too. If you click to enlarge this, it looks for all the world as though this Polar Bear is smiling!

I promised not to bore you with lots of silly photos of animals at the zoo, and I certainly won’t. But take a look at these blossoms!

There isn’t a better time to go to the zoo than right now as all the foliage is clothed in its colorful glory!  I know a lot of people were there to see the animals only, but how could anyone pass up the gorgeous display of color on the plant life as well?

The one totally awesome display was the Rain Forest.  It was a huge building that was built very similar to a giant greenhouse.  It has a large waterfall, a rope bridge, all sorts of rainforest inhabitants, and humidity that nearly “did me in”!

I stayed in the building too long and my face turned pretty red!  I think my core temperature must have soared as it took a long time to cool back down.  I was disappointed a bit, because this was the most beautiful and realistic of all the displays.  I was fascinated by the color and bills on the Roseate Spoonbills.

These birds are so awesome!  There is a bit of a “surprise” as one ends the walk through the Rain Forest exhibit, as there are steps to mount to go up to a balcony to look down on the entire display!  It is TOTALLY awesome. There is so much to see in here and it was so fun to get a real “bird’s eye view”!

It was the most fun day we’ve had as a family in a long time.  Even though Mark didn’t come into the zoo, he enjoyed himself.  He sat in the truck with the windows down, the Ipod playing through the radio system, and browsing the intenet!  He had a clear view of one of the Giraffe areas (will post his photo later….I’ve not uploaded pictures from the Panasonic camera yet) and the weather was just perfect to relax in the truck. The temperature was like a warm but not hot summer day. Just perfect! I do need to tell one story, though….

Mark said both of the Scotties were sound asleep on the front seat.  Dead-dog tired!  All of a sudden, Mark said the most “odorific” scent permeated the truck.  He said it was similar to an “orchestra” of scent. He knew right away it must have been the “zoo poo patrol”.  Sure enough….as the dumptruck pulled next to Mark, he saw all sorts of “matter” and straw in its back.

Suddenly, and with a nearly “great urgency”, both Scotties leapt up as though arising from the dead! He said Angus stiffened up and barked and howled! Murphy, taking a lead from Angus, got excited as well!

After the zoo, we ate our chicken wings picnic-style, stopped for an ice cream cone, then headed back towards home.

Of course, I was (still)  in “photo-mode”….

As we got off the New York Thruway in Victor, I saw the moon hiding behind the clouds and looking so pretty.  Mark pulled into a parking lot that had some pine trees which were perfect for shooting through!

It was a full day. An awesome day.  Michelle and Ben were so happy, because as they sent text messages to Tim in the hospital, he was replying!  Although his messages were shorter than usual,  the kids were just elated to be “talking” to him!