A Fun Day in Buffalo

Today, Mark, the kids, and I went for a little exploration to the Buffalo Zoological Gardens. 

We got home at about ten this evening, so after looking through (endless) photos and resizing a few,  I decided to just show two of my favorites today….

We had such a good time.  After the zoo, we hopped on over and picked up some chicken wings at Duff’s.  Ben suggested we should go to a park and have a picnic, so Mark looked up parks in the area on his GPS. Man, that little piece of equipment is worth its weight in gold!  We also enjoyed ice cream from Dairy Queen.

It was a busy day and I am tired, so I will end for now, showing some more zoo photos tomorrow.

I want to thank annyone who breathed a prayer for the kids’ friend, Tim.  He underwent surgery late yesterday afternoon and it seems he is going to be fine. No contact sports….but everything else should be fine.  Thank you, Lord, for answered prayer!