Buzz, Buzz………

Yesterday was a busy day. At least for Michelle!

Our front porch has been “stairless” for about a week and a half.  Mark had bought some new “green lumber” for stair tread replacements and wanted to allow the wood to dry out a bit before using it.  So, yesterday was the designated day!

Michelle was totally awesome.  She worked in such a tight space, using an old sled…one of those ones that looks kind of like it is made of “foam”…under her to keep the dirt from getting all over her clothes and to soften her workspace.  Mark gave her explicit instructions and she disappeared under the stairs!  She really is a rather amazing kid who could do anything she aspires to do!

While Michelle worked, I tried to do anything I could to help out.  Lunch…fetch tools. Whatever.  Then “that” came by and I had to fetch my camera!

Michelle finished up (another fantastic job) and I was headed off to Canandaigua to grab a  few things we needed and just to get out by myself for a little bit.

Of course, a short diversion to Canandaigua was *required*! Yes, Woodville is south of here, while Canandaigua is to the north!

As you can see, the adult goose was being quite defensive, trying to warn my car (I remained inside, never getting out) to stay away from the gosling! Look how it is “snaking” its neck!!!

After awhile, the geese realized I was no threat at all and began grazing.

Apparently, this is a very small goose family, composed of Mom, Dad, and only one gosling.  I am wondering if this is the same gosling as the tiny furball I had seen a week or two ago.  Probably so.

I generally don’t include “stuff” here outside our family, but today I am.  Michelle got a call from her Bible study teacher just before I left yesterday afternoon.  They talked for quite a long time….On Tuesday morning,  a young man in Canandaigua went into one of the boys’ restrooms at school and shot himself.  Michelle thought this young man of only 17 had attended the church where the Bible study is held each week.  Because the Bible study is made up of young people, the leaders are wanting the kids to do something special for the family who lost their son.  The parents have several other older kids and they never in their wildest imaginings had seen this coming.  Please pray for this family.

If you do believe in the power of prayer, please pray for this church family as well.  Crosswinds Wesleyan Church in Canandaigua has a large family and just this past Valentine’s Day,  they lost a husband and wife who were brutally slain in their own home (a short distance down the road from the church) while their teen and preteen children were there.  (It seems the wife had worked with a male nurse (the shooter) a few years ago and he must have had something against her. He also killed another young woman in another town, as well as a passer-by who tried to help.) 

Canandaigua is such a small city and this kind of sadness just seems so ovewhelming!

As I was out yesterday, Mark called and told me that one of Michelle’s friends was playing paintball with two other friends yesterday afternoon and he fell about 17 feet to a concrete floor below. He was taken by Mercy Flight (helicopter) to Rochester.  As of late last night, Michelle had received no word about Tim.  She was taking this very hard, so yet another prayer request for Tim, his mom (his father died just last October or November) and family.

I hate ending this so heavily, but it just seems like so many sad stories lately….