I got pretty busy today and didn’t get to take many photos.  I did spend some time on the porch, though, photographing the amazing flowers on the new Fuchsia plant I bought yesterday. I was so elated when I was able to pick up a plant in my favorite colors….bright pink and white!

This plant is so beautiful! It is full of new buds, so it will be getting even prettier as time goes on.  The buds are huge and remind me of glass bulbs on a Christmas tree.  Then when they open, the most awesome white layers appear, looking so much like the intricate icing flowers on a wedding cake!

You can see that some of the flowers have brown “fringing”….I think perhaps because they got brusied on their journey home in the truck.

Gotta admit….no matter how much I like coolish (even cold) weather, all the flowers of Spring really are greatly appreciated and admired!

Chasing the Sunset….

Last night, I was so tired when I posted my blog entry,  I didn’t want to take even the extra few minutes to upload these photos of a most incredible sunset.  Okay, so it might not have been a “breathtaking” sunset, but it fascinated me, nonetheless!

Living in the woods, situated between hills, it is rare to even see much color in our skies, concerning sunsets.  Whenever  I am wandering on a more “flat plane” and am able to see sunsets,  I generally become engrossed in the intensity of color and scenery.  Such was the case last night when the sun took on the nature of a fiery ball in the sky! The photos were taken by me, from my comfortable seat in the truck, through the window while traveling about 55 miles per hour, on my little Panasonic camera.  Thus, poor quality. But, they are so pretty, I just had to share!!!

As you can see, (by the silos in the photos) we were heading through farm country! I loved the “silhouettes” of trees captured in front of the intense orange sunset…only wish we weren’t on our way to pick up the kids so I could have spent some time stopping to compose better photos. Ah well, something in which to aspire!