Another Day in Photos

I have mentioned here before that Mark is a bit of a perfectionist, while I tend towards “less than perfection”. (Also read as, I will settle for a lot less than perfection.) 

Mark’s latest criticism *challenge* has been for me to critically look at each photo I take.  Is it “tack sharp” even in a large format?  Are the colors true? Is it how I expected it to turn out?  If not, take another. And another. And another, etc…..

I really don’t mind Mark’s comments, as it makes me think my way through my photography.  I often just have a tendency to say, “got it!” and walk away without previewing the photo. Many times, I am sadly disappointed when I see my photos on the computer…they fall far short of what I wanted.  And so, I am deleting a bit more, and looking with a more critical eye.

I went for a little walk around the house looking for some wild flowers.

We have tons of these pretty little white wild strawberry flowers. Mmmm….wild strawberries are soooo tasty!

I absolutely love the tiny little Wood Violets that spring up here and there, with their beautiful heart-shaped leaves! This was found growing in the grass on the hill by the swingset.

I was a little surprised to see the Trillium up already!

Hah! So pleased with this shot! This is a May Apple. Instead of photographing the pretty umbrella-shaped leaves from the top,  I got down on the ground and shot the photo looking up through the sun-illuminated leaves! Love the veins….

After returning from a brief woodland walk,  I just had to take a few photos of my “domesticated” garden.  Even though I grumble and complain about how the Bleeding Heart wants to swallow my entire plant universe on the side of the house, it really does offer such cheerful color and charm!

Although I am fascinated by the ‘airbrush’ look to the yellow and red Tulips, these yellows are so bright!

And a little female Finch…not sure which she is, exactly!

We went for a ride this afternoon, and I was awestruck by the clouds as we drove along. They were terrific!

Haha! Don’t be fooled by the beauty of the white blossoms on this tree….it smells HORRIBLE!!! They are pretty, though!

The goose photo is terrible. I didn’t have my long glass on the camera, so I had to settle for a rather “distant”  photo. (cropped)  I really didn’t want to disturb the goose. This is the nest I spoke about before, built on a median in a busy area of the mall parking lot!

My family (not me, though) has been craving Icees lately.  Hmm….wonder what essential vitamins/minerals they are missing that these (gross) ‘treats’ satisfy?

Can you believe that Murphy actually licked Michelle’s cup clean?  Gee, perhaps Michelle should consider working with lions, eh?

We came home to the most spectacular red skies….magnificent!

Red skies at night….sleep tight! (okay, so I totally made that up…hehehehe)