Somehow, Yesterday Seemed to Have Missed Me!

Or…maybe I missed yesterday!

The day got off to a bad start when I hustled about making a Chocolate Brownie Cake for the family. Not being a great fan of chocolate, I truly was making this for the family.  I got so *miffed* when I discovered there were no eggs left.  So, I took my semi-mixed creation, covered it, and placed it in the refrigerator.

Later in the morning, I went to the mailbox. I discovered that someone from Zambia had written to me asking for money to help send her four children to school.

Calgon, take me AWAY!

The aches and pains from the previous day had subsided to very doable level, but now, I felt stressed!

Mark did some paperwork while the kids worked on schoolwork.  At about two, he announced we were leaving *pronto*!  We all hurried and were out of the house shortly thereafter.  It was a relief to leave the house behind, but NOT all the dishes on the counter!

We went to a helmet shop, as Mark wanted to purchase helmets for the kids to use on the ATV.  We were there for quite awhile, then we went and picked up Chinese for Mark and the kids.  Somehow, Chinese just doesn’t agree with me lately.

Mark wanted to go to The Home Depot in Victor to buy lumber to replace the steps out front. Well, the lumber there was pathetic. Mark said it had been picked over so much, all that was left was “boat-making” material.

I hurried into BJ’s Wholesale Club, as it is located near Home Depot.  I picked up several things we needed…including eggs!  As soon as the truck was loaded, we were off once again to a five-thirty appointment (yet AGAIN!) at the Chevy garage.  This was to have a small piece of plastic moulding replaced.

As Michelle and I waited in the waiting lounge, Mark and Ben wandered over to a Honda dealer next door to check their pricing on helmets.

The serviceman came out and told me the piece had been replaced on the truck, but he had bad news. When the technician placed the last screw in, the piece broke!  When I looked at it, I was sure the piece that broke was NOT the replaced part.  The serviceman told me that it was indeed the part.  Feeling confused, I went to pick up Mark and Ben in the pouring rain.

I missed the Honda shop and in order to turn around, I would have to drive about a half a mile down the road and then turn around and drive back….all in terribly heavy traffic.  So, I pulled into another business located just next door.  I crawled into the back seat and grabbed an umbrella for Mark and Ben. (Ben has a cold)  By the time I reached the place where they *were*, I turned around and looked and they were getting into the truck.

It was now time to drop the kids off at their Bible study.  But, when I told Mark about the piece of broken plastic on the moulding, he pulled over and called the Chevy garage.  The serviceman who was handling this told me his father-in-law had suffered a bad stroke the night before, so I told Mark he was probably stressed out and didn’t realize which piece the technician replaced.  Well, in the end, I was right. BUT, now we need to go BACK to the garage again after they get the new piece that broke!


We took the kids to the church and dropped them off.  By now, I was feeling a bit wound up. So, I insisted that we go for ice cream!  Mark and I went to the best ice cream place in town and then parked on the city pier to relax.  Boy, did we need it!

We parked the truck and watched as wicked winds tossed boats all about in their slips! WOW! The winds were so harsh.  One boat had its “canopy” all twisted and bent!  The boats were rising and falling with the waves and Mark said he couldn’t believe how much they were smashing against the dock!

There was no sunset, as there was no sun….but we sat safe in the warm and cozy truck,  as the darkness settled in.

We picked the kids up shortly after eight-thirty and headed right home.  Not wanting to leave my poor chocolate cake any longer than necessary,  I added the eggs and baked it in a Bundt pan.  It was done just beore ten, but I fell asleep for a few minutes, then released it from the pan.  I covered it up and went  to bed.

I am soooo grateful not every day is like yesterday! I think my stress level must have been about 101%!!!