Tomorrow…..I’m NOT Getting Up!

Today was one of the oddest days I have ever encountered.  After getting a call from a friend this morning, we ended up taking her to the emergency room this afternoon, where she was examined and released.  She was having an allergic reaction to a medication and was concerned.  After the examination, she was feeling better just knowing that the reaction wasn’t severe enough to be overly concerned.

After taking our friend back to her house,  we decided to take a short ride not too far from home.

A few years ago, Mark received a newsletter from a spinal cord association and in it was one little piece of really cool information.  It explained how New York has special areas where physically-challenged people may drive their vehicles, including ATV’s, on trails to enjoy the out-of-doors.  Mark called the state concerning this and was sent a key that unlocks the gates to these specially-designated areas.

So today, we took a peek at a couple of entrances…The pictures for today were taken with the little Panasonic camera.  I didn’t think it would have been appropriate to take along my whole arsenal this afternoon, so I had to settle for “stealth”!

Wow, we are “authorized”!

And, we have a key!

These pretty flowers are found everywhere along the roadside. Ben brought a couple stems for me to smell! They looked so pretty on the dashboard!

As we were driving along a road a few miles away from home,  Mark made a remark about the truck’s steering pulling to the right. He gave a few different scenarios that could cause such a phenomenon but we continued on.

We stopped at the area where the geese families had been near Woodville,  but there wasn’t a goose to be found!  Instead, we found some pretty wild Irises growing right at the water’s edge.

There were also lots of the pretty flowers like Ben picked me.

We drove a few hundred feet and Mark pulled into the Woodville boat launch….

Yup, a flat tire was the LAST thing we needed! Mark dialed AAA and they said they would send someone out to change the tire.  In the meantime, Mark and the kids got out and took out the spare tire.  Then they jacked the truck up and changed the tire!  Mark had to call and cancel the call for help.

It was interesting sitting in the truck with the Scottie boys and watching the passers-by.  Many people looked and gawked as they saw Mark sitting in the wheelchair with two teens working on changing a tire. A Sherriff’s deputy came by and he offered his help, but when Mark told him the kids were getting a lesson in tire-changing, he smiled and moved on.  Two other older fellows came by and offered their services as well.

We finally arrived back home shortly before eight. Wow, it is so cold out…there is a frost warning for tonight!  It was so good to come home to a warm and cozy house.

The most bizzarre part of today was when Mark commented that it was ten years ago that he suffered the spinal cord injury.  In so many ways, it seems like it hasn’t been that long and in others, it seems like it has been forever….

As for tomorrow, perhaps I will just remain in bed and pass the hours watching videos, reading, sipping tea and just relaxing!  Okay, so maybe not!

So, How is Your Day Going?

Well, we are getting ready to have several teens over later this afternoon.  I know I already made one entry to my blog today, but when I took this photo of the sunlight playing on the Fuchsia plant hanging on the front porch, my contacts nearly popped out of my eyes!  Yes, it IS the Nikon D-90.

Okay, so…you probably won’t be hearing anything more from me today…..I just wanted to add a bit of color (okay….colour for Ian and my UK friends!) to your day

The Strange Entourage…

Late yesterday afternoon, we went to Canandaigua. Michelle wanted to stop at Burger King for a slice of Hershey’s Pie, and as we were sitting in the parking lot there,  I looked up and saw all sorts of flashing lights coming down 5 & 20.

Upon getting over the initial shock, we began to wonder what all the hoopla was about!  There were certified vehicles with the “wide load” signs, a truck, and state trooper.  Then followed this truck…

As you can see, the “load” consists of what looks like a huge “room”. The ends both appear to slide out, and even perhaps the side we see with the window in it.  Through the window, machinery with engines could be seen.  We marveled and found ourselves speculating what on earth this thing was.

After the above truck a small truck followed, its payload filled with spare tires for the above unit.  Then another pickup truck, then another state trooper, followed by yet another “wide load” certified vehicle.  It was quite the sight to see!

The entire entourage went down the road so slowly, a conditioned runner could have easily accompanied the troop.  And, shortly after this group passed, yet another, just like it, came thorugh!

We’ve no idea what this was, but Michelle wondered if it was some type of nuclear “stuff”!  As Mark thought about the direction they were headed, he said they could possibly be headed to a nuclear power station located to our northeast.  Whatevr the situation, I have not seen state troopers involved in accompanying wide loads before.

I wish I would have photographed the trucks that traveled in this group, as they migh have given us some clue as to what we saw!  Ah well, it certainly did pique our imaginations…at least for awhile!

Testing, Testing, 1,2,3

Last week, a package arrived at our house.  It contained a couple of camera lenses to test, along with a new Nikon D-90 camera.  (Oh, and a Nikon flash)  I had my heart set on the Nikon D-300, but as Mark read literature and compared the two camera specs side by side, he was convinced my socks would be knocked off by the D-90, which also happens to be less costly. It does have many of the same features as the D-300.

Don’t get me wrong….I love my Nikon D-80 and have been very content with it.  However, the camera has some “issues” that make photography somewhat frustrating at times.  It tends to consistently overexpose and I am often fiddling a lot more than photographing!  No problem with a non-moving subject, but a bit discouraging when action is involved.

Today, I decided to open the box and begin testing out the D-90. 

Wow! I took the camera out of its box and put it together.  I got a kit that included the camera body, along with an 18-105mm VR (vibration reduction) lens.  I decided not to adjust any of the settings….just use everything in default…to see how it functions straight “outta the box”!

Here are the results:

At this point, I am going to show a comparison. Please ignore the (very) shallow depth of field in the following photo.  I was using the GINORMOUS new telephoto lens and honed in, trying my hand at getting the stamens (?) in sharp focus.  The point is this…I had to fiddle and fiddle with exposure compensation to try to capture the right color in the following photo using the D-80.  The color is what this comparison is all about and I am here to tell you that the Nikon D-90 captured the colors accurately and spot-on!  There is a much greater blue color to the flower than the (compromised) mousy-purple I had settled upon. 

Okay, so you are probably thinking “this woman has gone NUTS!”  Perhaps. But, in my humble opinion, the Nikon D-90 ROCKS!!!

Another Canandaigua Wednesday

The kids have been keeping very busy with their schooling, anxious to finish up within the next couple of weeks.  After another hard day of work, Ben and I decided to take a break and go over to Canandaigua. There were a few items we needed at the store and we thought we would also check out the lagoon located between 5&20 and the lake.

As we got out of the Explorer, we saw two little Westies enjoying an early evening walk.  They were so friendly….they came bounding right up to me to say hello.  They certainly have a different countenence from my Scottie boys! My boys are so stoic!

Although the lagoon probably wouldn’t be considered as real picturesque, it is a very pretty area with a great path running through it for strolling or jogging!

People do seem to find this area a draw for fishing.  I love the bright yellow color of the Wild Irises that grow along the banks, scattered here and there.

Although I heard many bird calls, they seemed to be pretty well hidden from sight amongst the greenery.  I was happy to capture a shot of a sweet little Black Capped Chickadee. It flitted so rapidly from branch to branch, it seemed a real chore trying to hone in my focus!

As Ben and I finished our jaunt, we saw some awesome skies. They were getting darker and darker by the minute. We still had a few things to buy, so we had to scurry back to the Explorer and get moving!

It was (much) warmer today than yesterday.  It almost felt humid and when I tried to take photos of sailboats, they came out terribly because of the haze.  Gotta love our weather!

Haul Out the Thermals!

My mind is totally baffled!  How could we have been out on the lake, enjoyng the sunshine and floating about in our kayaks yesterday and shivering in our shoes today?  Well, it isn’t snowing, but it sure is chilly!

We did have a little sun this morning.  I was out mowing the lawn as it was looking pretty shoddy.  It never got very warm so it was perfect weather for mowing. After I finished, I went and got my camera to snap a few pictures of my pretty posies in the front garden.  I call it the “perennial garden” but who am I kidding?  ALL of the plants I place in the ground are perennials!

I certainly have a lot of pink out there, don’t I?  Ah well, the Butterfly bushes are purple!

Hopefully, I will be getting out to take some photos soon.  There is so much going on this time of the year!

Wondrous Beautiful Day!

Wow…what a weekend this seems to have disappeared like a vapor!  We covered so much territory and now I need the rest of the week to relax!

Today was the “official” Memorial Day.  Memorial is a day of remembrance….the day when we pause from our busy days and lives to remember those who paid to keep the US a free nation.  Yesterday afternoon, we visited the grave of my father-in-law, who was a Korean War veteran.  We bought some artificial flowers which I arranged and placed on his grave, along with an American flag. It is always sobering to visit the war sections of the cemetery and see the names and often short-lived lives buried there.

We had planned to meet my parents and Randy today at a lake located a couple of hours from our house.  It is a small lake and we consider it a “hidden gem”  that is great for our little inflatable kayaks! The only “snafu” encountered today was my “oops!” plan to secure pizza and wings from a fabulous pizzeria located only a few short miles from the lake.  As it turned out, the establishment was closed for the holiday!

Funny the things one sees while walking behind a closed business!

We thought perhaps because it was still relatively early in the day (at least for pizza and wings) the business just hadn’t opened for business.  So, we headed to the lake!

The next few photos were taken with my little Panasonic TZ-5 while “floating in the boat”!  The image stabilization on that little camera is so nice.  I was bobbing up and down in my little kayak and really wondered if any of my photos would even turn out…

Michelle and I tired a bit sooner than Randy and Ben, so we headed back.  It was such a terrific day. The temperature was very comfortable and there was a cool breeze coming in off the water.  We could not have ordered a more fitting day for our outing! We chatted with my parents and Mark while waiting for Randy and Ben’s return.

There was a cute little restaurant located right on the lake, but it was a little pricey, so Mark looked on his GPS and found another pizzeria in town not far from the (closed for the day)  one we had initially chosen.  We ordered pizza and wings and feasted like kings and queens at our little space we had claimed at the water’s edge.  I had brought a table, chairs, and all the little necessities for a picnic.  My mom also made the most heavenly fruit mix that was really the “icing on the cake”!

We chatted and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, not wanting such a delightful day to come to an end.  But, it did indeed end and we made our way back to the Bristolwood.  Not too far from home, we saw beautiful colors in the westen sky….

If only there was a way to save these memorable days!

Testing the New Lens

After going through some really nutty stuff with my blog the past few days,  things are beginning to look like they are taking shape.  Phew…what a relief!

We ordered a new lens for my camera to try out and today I went down to Woodville to visit my little goose friends.  If you take a look at the photo, I *think* you will see a “bit” of a difference from past photos!

I also took a photo of a grouping of American flags for sale at the Dollar Tree late yesterday afternoon.  The ironic thing is, I bet dimes to donuts those flags were NOT made in the good ole US of A!

I loved the way the sun was filtering through the flags and the wind was blowing, causing them to ripple!

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, so everyone will be displaying their flags! This weekend also basically starts off the summer season at parks and campgrounds here in the US.