Can Someone Explain?

This morning, Mr. Murphy thought I should arise before his “normal” 6 am wakeup.  It was okay, as I had gone to bed shortly after 10 last night.  I am not ashamed to say that the stump I cut yesterday really did a number on me!  My bones were dog-tired and even a bit achy!

I padded down the stairs and fed the boys….as they ate, I realized I had a terrible headache.  I took one Ibuprophen and then looked out to see what the temperature was outside.  Egads, the thermometer was hovering directly at the freezing (32 degrees) mark!  Hmmmm…..that means the ramp out back would certainly be frost-covered.

Before the Scotties finished eating, I grabbed a winter jacket and pair of snow boots from the closet.

It was as we walked outside that I discovered the most “curious” thing…..

The left side (west) of the hot tub cover had a coating of frost on it, while the right side had only water from rain…Huh?

As the Scotties hurried down the ramp, I decided to just slide down the thing, Gumby-style!  I really dislike using that ramp when there is a risk of snow/frost/anything slippery!,  but I had to use it.

You see, yesterday, while I was busy with that tree, Mark had our sweet little Michelle under the stairs, removing all the bolts and screws because the treads were in need of repair. The two of them decided they needed to clean up and replace many parts……

That “first step” would be a little aggressive for (short) me and two Scotties!

So, as the Scotties and I walked around outside, I was “testing everything….the truck and Explorer were only wet, no frost.  This is definitely one of those very strange “science” events that totally throws my mind into a tizzy!!!

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  1. Which direction was(had) the wind coming from? There could have been a temperature gradient in the water in the tub, keeping one part colder than the rest!

  2. Bill, there was no wind out last night. Still as could be…
    Mark’s theory is that perhaps water got inside the cover between the foam and vinyl cover. I checked and the cover doesn’t seem to have becoe waterlogged. It was just downright weird!

    Jackie, I will see what I can do with those boys of mine…..

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