Excuse me whilst I clean up the rotten tomato lobbed my way….Ah yes, the sun-worshipping folks must have been cheering loudly today as the temperatures soared!  Me…well, suffice it to say that my mood was (much) less than cheerful today.  Imagine yourself sitting in a sauna and your body glows with heat, but you discover you cannot, will not, sweat!  Instead, your face turns a red color that rivals the red bulbs on old-fashioned thermometers!  That is precisely where I find myself in warm….no, HOT weather!

Okay, I shan’t complain anymore….I did *enough* of that today! (And do not even DARE breathe that I will be complaining when the snow begins falling next Winter….I will swallow my tongue before I will complain about cold weather!!!)

As I walked to the mailbox early this afternoon,  I spotted a hawk gliding through the air.  It was amazing to watch this huge bird circling high up in the skies, then gliding gracefully without a care in the world! This photo isn’t good, but it was nearly impossible to predict the bird’s path!

As the day progressed, the temperature rose higher and higher.  Thankfully, the family took mercy upon this poor soul and decided taking a ride in the air-conditioned truck might help cool me down!  Since they were offering,  I told them we could take the “long way” to Canandaigua so I could check to see if there were any new goslings where I spotted the little one the other day.

Mark pulled the truck into the small parking area where the geese were and I was so disappointed to see a van parked there with a gentleman fishing. Drat!  Mark encouraged me to get out anyway, so I did.  As I walked down to the water, following the path of least resistance,  Mark called out the window to follow a narrow path to the left.  He said he saw a goose swimming in that direction.

He sure did see a goose! What he didn’t spot was the wee gosling in tow!

I have no idea if this is the same goose and little one I saw before.  I did see a pair of geese swimming together in the opposite direction.

We made our way to Canandaigua and when we arrived,  I was awestruck by the trees in one of the plaza parking lots!

I shopped a bit in Wegman’s and then we headed over to the pier.  I couldn’t believe all the activity. There were people everywhere!  People walking dogs. People fishing.  People boating. And…..this (zealous) guy was jet-skiing!

That spray of water behind him had to be mighty chilly!  I did notice he was wearing a wet suit!

All of the girlie Mallards are gone.  It was amazing…..no more Coots, no Buffleheads….But, there were several Mallard drakes (and Mallard wannabees!) hanging out together.  I guess they bide their time entertaining and begging for scraps of food while the ladies sit on nests!

I was so pleased with the picture below. To me, it speaks “peaceful”, even in the midst of all the hullaballo on the pier above.  What I didn’t notice at first was that group of ducks in the lower left corner!

With the water splashing, it almost appears they are racing to the boat so they can be in the photo!!!


Well, go ahead and throw those tomatoes and pick on me. It certainly can’t be any worse than the HEAT of today!!!