Oh no….Geese Again!

Just a short time ago, I ventured down to Woodville to have a quick little poke around to see what I might see.  There were lots of fishing boats, as well as pleasure boats coming and going at the launch.  Busy, busy!

I drove down the road just a bit further to see if there were any geese or ducks where I spotted them last year.  I pulled in and saw a goose just standing there.  Its body language hinted that it didn’t want me to approach, so I squatted down and waited to see what was up.

After a couple of minutes,  I saw the tiny little gosling that tottered about, looking quite “new”!

I cropped one of the photos on the camera (just because it was so quick to do) and the quality of the photo is lacking, but isn’t this cute?  The little one nestled at its parent’s feet and nibbled on the grass surrounding it.

I suppose the other parent was nearby, sitting on a nest of eggs that have yet to be hatched.  Such dedication….

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  1. Oh Kae, How could you think we would poo hoo this lovely shot. Why I think it would make an absolutely beautiful Mother’s or Father’s Day card front. A spectacular capture!

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