Sometimes Life is Just So Good!

Today didn’t start out so well!  Well, that is, unless one is content awakening to slushy snow all over the place… is Spring, after all! It was so cold outside, and the house cooled down a lot inside as well.  Feeling chilled to the bone,  I made a small fire in the woodstove.  This is something I’ve not done in a couple of weeks!

The weather forecast for today called for clearing skies later in the day.  The sun was even supposed to appear! 

I made a large meal at three this afternoon.  The kids had their Bible study this evening and sometimes they eat before they go, although food is served before the study begins.  I just wanted to make sure they were full, as I get annoyed when asked to cook after about eight!

We dropped the kids off at their study,  then I asked Mark to take me to the City Pier.  The lake was simply awesome, reflecting the blue skies above it.  I told Mark I would be back “in a bit” and went off to shoot some photos….

Oh my goodness! Do you see the Great Blue Heron standing on the rocks?  I have never seen a heron at the lake’s northern area before.  I was so excited!

I spent quite a bit of time photographing the heron.  I also saw some Coots, Mallards, and Bufflehead Ducks. The lighting and atmosphere lent itself to near perfection this early evening….The excrutiatingly elusive Buffle allowed a great photo of it!

If you double click any of my photos, you can see them larger….the Buffle’s eye shows well in this photo that look more like a surreal painting than anything!

Since I had no “close encounters” this evening,  I won’t bore you to tears telling details of the following photos….

Wow, I wish the weather was always so cooperative!

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  1. Oh Great shots Kae! I love Herons. We have a pair that fly over the house in the morning and back again at night. I’m pretty sure they nest inland and go to the river, just a stones throw from here, for the day. You can almost tell the time of day just by watching them fly and what direction they are going.

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