Sometimes Life is Just So Good!

Today didn’t start out so well!  Well, that is, unless one is content awakening to slushy snow all over the place… is Spring, after all! It was so cold outside, and the house cooled down a lot inside as well.  Feeling chilled to the bone,  I made a small fire in the woodstove.  This is something I’ve not done in a couple of weeks!

The weather forecast for today called for clearing skies later in the day.  The sun was even supposed to appear! 

I made a large meal at three this afternoon.  The kids had their Bible study this evening and sometimes they eat before they go, although food is served before the study begins.  I just wanted to make sure they were full, as I get annoyed when asked to cook after about eight!

We dropped the kids off at their study,  then I asked Mark to take me to the City Pier.  The lake was simply awesome, reflecting the blue skies above it.  I told Mark I would be back “in a bit” and went off to shoot some photos….

Oh my goodness! Do you see the Great Blue Heron standing on the rocks?  I have never seen a heron at the lake’s northern area before.  I was so excited!

I spent quite a bit of time photographing the heron.  I also saw some Coots, Mallards, and Bufflehead Ducks. The lighting and atmosphere lent itself to near perfection this early evening….The excrutiatingly elusive Buffle allowed a great photo of it!

If you double click any of my photos, you can see them larger….the Buffle’s eye shows well in this photo that look more like a surreal painting than anything!

Since I had no “close encounters” this evening,  I won’t bore you to tears telling details of the following photos….

Wow, I wish the weather was always so cooperative!

The Blessing of the Challenge….

“I HATE math!” Michelle shrieked out this morning.  Of course, a great sense of compassion welled up in my soul.  Math has absolutely brought me to tears….just about a month ago, while trying to help Ben with a math problem, I spent well over an hour struggling and finally ending up near tears!

When the kids get hung up on their assignments it is usually in my best interest to send them to “The Mathmagician”.  Yes, that is how I refer to Mark.  He hasn’t done anything extraordinary to deserve this name….he *merely* understands math! And, he is a hard-nosed when it comes to th kids understanding it as well!

Last year, all of Michelle’s friends declared they were “finished” with math and taking “Consumer Math” as their last year’s coursework.  Feeling no love for math and certainly wanting to make Michelle happy,  I was willing to go along the path of lesser resistance!

When Michelle proposed her idea to Mr. Mathmagician,  he gave her a resounding “NO!”.  I felt so sorry for poor sweet little Michelle.  How could he, after all, expose our little daughter to the (shudder) nightmare that is called “Precalculus”?

Just a short time ago, Michelle called out that she COULD do her math! She was so excited and I suddenly came to a new revelation….Even as Michelle is exposed to the “bear” of mathematics, she is learning such a valuable lesson in real life.  She is not only learning to solve what seem meaninglessly extreme math problems,  she is learning to resolve real life problems.  Her ability to seek information to help her solve math will help hone her skills to be able to solve life situations when they confront her!

Wow….and I thought an old dog could never learn new tricks! Here I am….Michelle’s mom….and my eyes were opened today! Perhaps I should take a math course?