LOOK! UP in the SKY! IT’S a BIRD, IT’S a PLANE…..IT’S………

A totally, utterly ENRAGED GOOSE!

You cannot read this blog very often without reading about some of my (loonie!) (mis)adventures.  Such was the case early this evening.

We ran up to Rochester for Mark to visit the Guitar Center.  Then we went to Sam’s Club to buy gas and a few groceries. Afterwards, the kids asked if they could shop a few minutes together in the mall. So, we drove over to the mall….

THAT is where Mark innocently (perhaps foolishly!) pointed out a cute family of Canada Geese, complete with tiny little yellow fuzzball goslings!  So….yes, we *had* to make a mandatory stop!

I tumbledout of the truck with Nikon camera, looking to see what I could see……

That, my friends, is a Canada Goose sitting in the most insane place.  But, the goose isn’t just sitting there! Look closely and you can see the goose is actually sitting upon a nest!  This nest is built on a long skinny median in the middle of the mall PARKING lot!!!

I walked over towards this goose when suddenly…….I hear wild, no, EXTREMELY wild honking coming toward me.  I look up and there is the bookend (mate) of this placid goose coming straight towards me with its wings spread full out!  Because I am fearless insane, and not given to fits of “freaking out” very frequently, I held my ground. I did do one small thing that *might* have made the attack goose think twice…..I hissed at it!

The attacker came down to a graceful landing and then walked back and forth, hissing at ME!

Oh…..uh, no I wasn’t shaking when I took that photo….the goose was moving fairly rapidly!

Now I must digress for a moment and tell a funny story from my illustrious past!

I once owned a lovely Irish Setter by the name of Shelby.  She was a dyed-in-the-wool Irisher, through and through.  She always had a twinkle in her eye and was game for some good clean fun!  For a short period of time,  I had actually thought I would like to have some geese.  I contacted a woman who had three African Grey Geese she wanted to find a home for, so I took them.

One of the trio of geese was a female who felt compelled to lay infertile eggs around the premises.  The eggs never seemed to be together…they were here, there, and everywhere.

Now, Miss Shelby loved those big ole goose eggs.  She would carefully gather one up in her mouth and race around the yard, nose high in the air.  It was certainly a sight to see!

One afternoon, I looked out in the yard and there was Shelby, racing across the front yard….but wait!  Firmly gripping hold of her tail was a goose, flapping its wings wildly and following after the big red dog!   I think I will never forget that sight….How I laughed at my big red girl with a silly goose attached to her tail!

Well, needless to say,  I left the inflamed goose and went over to see the little family Mark had originally commented about.  They were much less aggressive,  but the wee ones minded perfectly!

Wish we would have been there earlier in the day when the lighting was a bit better.  The day was cold and dreary with light drizzle while I was taking these photos.

The most humorous part about these photos, though, is that not ten minutes before I took them,  I had complained to Mark about not taking many photos today!!!  Now, I had to “eat crow”! YUCK!