Oh So Colo(u)rful!

Okay, so this might well be one of those days of *multiple* posts, but I cannot help this one!  I decided to sit in the bedroom for a bit.  I heard the birds singing and just had to take a look….I realize you have seen these all here before, but I just cannot even begin to explain, in words, what it is like to look out the window and see all of these gorgeous God creations in one fell swoop……

Not the Best Day Photographically!

Yesterday was such a Monday !  You know, the kind of day when one is busy and just feeling a little overwhelmed by the day! Mark had an appointment with the doctor in the afternoon, so I was looking forward to just getting out of the house for a “breath of fresh air”!

The kids worked on their schoolwork in the morning and Mark did some things he needed to do.  We had discovered last week that he had another pressure sore.  This had thrown me into a feeling of anxiety, as the last one literally kept him down for three months.  Going with some instinctive feelings,  I treated this little sore a bit differently than usual.  Well, the good news is that it was completely healed yesterday morning. 

We left home a little after one in the afternoon and Mark and I went in for his appointment.  The doctor is so great and our visits are more enjoyable than stressful. 

We left the doctor’s office and another little “adventure” began!  The kids had planned to meet with some of their friends at the pastor’s home before their youth group in the evening and then we would pick them up again shortly after eight.

Before heading down to drop the kids off,  Mark stopped so they could grab a bite to eat.  Then we went over to Wal Mart so I could grab a couple of items.  After our stops, we headed down to the church.  As we were driving along the east side of Canandaigua Lake,  I caught site of a pair of Bufflehead Ducks rather close to the shoreline.  Mark turned the truck back around and I hopped out.  Sure enough, as soon as the pair saw me walking, they took off.

This photo is rather poor quality, but there was a mist in the air and the wind was blowing so hard, I was surprised any image showed up at all! It was a dismal, dreary sort of day.  I had worn a windbreaker jacket over a turtleneck shirt and I was shivering in the damp chill!

After dropping the kids at the pastor’s house, (one of their friends is the pastor’s son) we headed on over to Penn Yan.  We had planned to go to the Mennonite store there.  I had been thinking about the fantastic sweet turkey bologna I had bought the last time I went. 

Mark went into the store with me and I had to smile as he felt a bit of “sticker shock” over the price of goods.  I remember when his father couldn’t understand how a loaf of bread could cost more than $1.50 and smiled as Mark expressed some disbelief in how some prices have increased on items.

We bought several things, including two pounds of the tasty bologna!  I made a comment to the Mennonite woman waiting on me that the bologna is so good and she said it shouldn’t “really” be called bologna, as it isn’t “quite the same” as typical bologna! (She is so correct, as this has no greasy, garlicy flavor!)

After leaving the store, Mark asked where I wanted to go.  Since we were going to have a little “picnic in the truck”,  I told him about a rest area located just down the road a ways.  We pulled in and I hopped out to gather up the necessities for our “dinner” in the back. 

I had bought a loaf of the great French bread at WalMart, along with some “sweet hot” mustard!  I grabbed those, along with the bolonga, a bag of potato chips, and some sodas we had in a cooler.  The little Scottie boys were shooed to the back seat and Mark and I relaxed over our dinner.  We laughed when I inquired what Mark might have said if I told him we were having bologna sandwiches and chips for dinner! We just enjoyed this little adventure and it was nice to be able to talk without the kids interrupting!

After finishing our “gourmet” dinner,  I put things away and we decided to watch a movie Mark had saved on the hard drive of his laptop.  I am of the mindset that I could easily live on the road, in a pickup truck!  The seats of that truck are more comfortable than any seating in our house!  They recline, too,  so one can get quite comfortable!

Mark placed the computer on the fold down console between the front seats and we reclined for the show! Angus hopped onto Mark’s lap to look out the window, as he always does!,  while Murphy curled up on my lap.  Mark had removed his jacket (yes, men are always warm while women are chilled!!!)  so I had it like a blanket over me and Murphy, too!

We watched the movie, which came to an end at about 7:15.  I told Mark I wanted to go to the grocery store for “ice cream”.  Before leaving, I took the Scotties out onto the grass to relieve themselves.  Angus, the “ever watchful”, began to whimper as he heard the “clip-clip-clop” of a horse pulling an Amish buggy along the road.  At Angus’s heralding,  Murphy lunged forward and tugged against me, wanting to give chase! Fortunately,  I held a tight grip and herded the little buggers into the truck!

We stopped at the store and I got a package of Klondike bars. Then we were off to gather up the kids!

We got home shortly after nine.  The kids were starving and I fixed…what else?  Yes, delicious bologna sandwiches on fresh French bread with the “magic” mustard! Michelle did me one better, mixing up some veggie dip for the potato chips.

As soon as the kids had finished eating,  Michelle and I both headed off to bed.  I was so tired and so was she! 

Even though it had turned out to be a rather cold and miserable day, we really did have a nice and fun afternoon and evening!