Today was an uneventful type of day….very welcome after feeling dizzy from being busy earlier in the week!  I had one large order to pack and ship out today…an Amish girl from Missouri orders large quantities about twice a year.  I packed her order shortly after lunch today.

Mark had made an appointment for the truck at the garage for five this afternoon…he asked if I minded taking it in.  No problem on my end, as the Scottie boys were running low on their favorite kibble.  The Country Max store is just a few miles north of the garage, so I could pick up the food before the appointment.

I left home at about 3:30.  I drove to Canandaigua as I wanted to see if the Dollar Store was still carrying the drinking glasses I had bought there a couple of years ago.  I bought several extras, but we were down by a few, so I decided to check.  Since no one was with me,  it seemed I could think a bit more clearly. I  *never* remember to check for the glasses if the kids are with me!

The Dollar Store had the glasses, so I grabbed three and headed toward the cashier.  Then I remembered the big banner out front that announced the store now had dairy and frozen foods.  Turning about face,  I headed to the coolers and freezers just to see….

Oh MY!  “Imitation” Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheeses? Eww. There wasn’t anything too interesting….until my eyes lit upon a package of Icee brand frozen treats.  Ben has been craving Icees for days and the only place we can find them nearby (yeah, about 30 miles away!) is at BJ’s Wholesale Club.  I wasn’t sure about these freezer cups, but picked up a package.  After paying, I took the Icee treats and set them inside a fabric freezer bag we had in the back of the truck.  For good measure, I placed the other bag with the glasses I had purchased in there as well.  The cashier had wrapped them in layers of newspaper, so I thought perhaps the paper would help insulate the frozen treats a little more.

I drove on to Farmington where I bought a big bag of kibble, along with three bags of Cedar mulch for my front garden.  The flower beds are looking a tad shabby, and I love the look of mulch around the flowers and shrubs.

I made it to the Chevy garage at 4:50 and went right in for the appointment.  I then sat for about 45 minutes until the service man came and asked some questions about the truck. 

Of course, there *were* things to photograph while I waited….

Like a shiny “Victory Red” Vette!  With its fancy brakes……

And I loved the bug and chip guard on a big ole truck there in the showroom as well…..

 A couple of things were examined and then I was on my way once again.

Before I had left home, Mark and Michelle printed out eight Tom Wahl’s hamburger coupons for a “Buy one, get one free” cheeseburger.  As soon as I finished at the garage,  I called Mark and he ordered the burgers to go.  He called me back and said I had ten minutes to kill.  No problem there, as Tractor Supply is practically next door to the garage!

I pulled in, remembering Carly’s photos of the sweet little chicks she had seen at their Tractor Supply.  I hopped inside, bulging camera bag hanging off my shoulder.  I looked around  bit, finding  a fabulous pair of hiking boots marked down from $79 to $29.

Then I made my way over to the big water troughs that were making such curious little peeping noises….

One tub held the tiniest little chicks! They were so itty-bitty, but two of them were actually fighting! I was so amazed that such tiny little chicks would exhibit aggressive behavior!  Ugh!

The next tub held bigger yellow and golden colored chicks.  They were about twice the size of the itty bitty chicks.

Then my poor little heart!

Oh, these little ducklings just stole my heart.  How I longed for a pond so I could grab a bunch of them and set them out to float!  I bent down and examined them closely….they were just awesomely adorable!  I reached in and gently gathered one up.  Its soft little feet rested on my palm and I nearly melted on the floor!

Look at the “look” the little fellow in the middle is giving the camera!

The little darlings were lying in a heap under the heat lamp….suddenly a bunch of them jumped up and raced over to the waterer.  They happily slurped up water, smacking their bills and leaning their heads back to swallow! 

Instincts began kicking in and a couple of the little golden fuzzballs hopped into the water tray and tried to  SWIM!


Time was up. I needed to leave, so I paid for my boots and headed for the hamburger restaurant.  The family was more than happy at my arrival home around 6:45.  We ate our burgers and I cleaned up.  Mark and the kids were ecstatic about the (still!) frozen treats for dessert!

I went upstairs shortly after seven-thirty and just had to take one more photo….

Rays of golden sunlight were blazing in through the bedroom curtains.  I cannot look through my Nikon viewfinder directly at the sun as it could blind me,  so I approximated a photo. The little knick knacks are Mr. and Mrs. Claus…they were a gift from a dear Canadian friend of mine and I just cannot seem to pack them away for a year, so they sit upon my window…..

There was just such a deep sense of satisfaction as the sun set over the hill… had been a warm, bright, sunny day.  They just don’t seem to get any better…….