Getting A Head

Well, what else would you expect?  Sorry, but it seems like every time I see a Mallard Drake, it is as though I am seeing one for the first time! They are soooo beautiful!

Although today was a little slower paced than days past,  I found myself ready to fall into a heap this afternoon to fall asleep!  Yes, all of the busyness is beginning to catch up!

Today was pretty warm out and Ben and I ran up to Canandaigua this afternoon for Mark.  After errands,  I pulled into an ice cream stand that sells such wonderfully delicious frozen custard.  Thinking perhaps my boy would like a nice Chocolate Almond cone,  I was a little shocked when he chose Vanilla!  Egads, the kid is like ME!

We took our little dishes of the tasty dessert to the City Pier and sat,  watching the coots, ducks, and gulls playing in the water and entertaing any people who stopped by to watch.  In the photo below, I caught all three….coots, ducks, and gulls!!! Click twice to see the big picture and look at that (mouthy) seagull on the left.

The lake was a little less choppy today and the Buffleheads were closer to the pier than I had caught them before.  You can see in this photo that the Bufflehead is quite small in stature…the Coot might be bigger. 

This evening, Mark and I watched a Portland Pirates game as they are in the AHL (American Hockey League) playoffs this year.  They beat the Providence Bruins 3:0.  Portland’s goalie, Jhonas Enroth (from Sweden) was stellar in this evening’s game! 

We were really bummed by the fact that Buffalo didn’t make it into the playoffs this year.  Unfortunately, when the Sabres’s goalie, Ryan Miller, was run by Scott Gomez, he sustained a high ankle sprain that left him unable to play fourteen games.  It is nearly impossible for a backup goalie to come in so late in the season and maintain a winning status.  Thus, we suffered.  I might add that our “backup” (Mikael Tellqvist, also from Sweden)  goalie to the “backup”  (Patrick LaLime) played fantastically well his last two games, with Sabres wins.  I guess the bottom line is that Ryan Miller might still be recouperating from the injury and maybe it is better we didn’t make the playoffs…..after all, there is always next season, eh?