Did I Say We Were Gonna Rest Today?

Yeah, I thought so…

As Mark was going through bills and such today, he discovered that we had a rebate check for $30 that needed to be depostited today or it was VOID!  Argh!!  He asked me if I would mind running to Canandaigua to do “a few errands”. 

I went and got ready and was out the door shortly after one.  I got to the bank well before two, then drove over to Wegman’s to return an ocean full of soda bottles and cans.  I had two large trash bags full of bottles and cans that had been sitting in the garage for a very long time…Mark *gently* remarked that perhaps they needed to be recycled!

After feeding nearly ten dollars worth of recyclables into the hungry machines,  I grabbed a shopping cart and headed inside the store.  I love, love, love Wegman’s produce.  Their fruits and veggies far surpass any other grocers in the area.  I shopped around for awhile, then realized I was hungry.  I  hopped on over to the Chinese food and swooped up some Hot and Spicy Chicken, along with some Fried Green Beans. 

I hurried to the register to pay for my goodies, paper in hand from the bottle machine.  When it came time to pay, I completely forgot the paper and paid.  It was as I looked down for my keys that I realized I needed to redeem the slip of paper.  The cashier laughed and said she does the same thing all the time….she said she is always buying some stupid new item only because there is a coupon and then she forgets to redeem the coupon! Boy, did I feel better!

I rushed to the City Pier and ate my Chinese, watching the Coots, Mallards, and *suddenly* Bufflehead Ducks.  I shot a couple of photos of the ducks.   The water was so choppy and the wind so chilly, I decided to just stay inside the Explorer.

After lunch, I headed to the other side of Canandaigua to have two propane tanks for the grill filled.  Due to a case of daydreaming,  I way overshot my destination, so I took a few photos….

 Old barn (circa 1880) in color…..

And sepia…..

After filling the tanks, I shopped at WalMart (grabbing two roast chickens and a loaf of delicious French Bread for dinner!)  and then off to Big Lots for a jar of olives imported from Greece for Mark.  It was getting late and I knew I was going to be too tired to prepare dinner.

As I left Big Lots,  Ben called wanting to know if I could get him a “Slushy” from Hess.  I reluctantly headed to Hess and went inside to look for “the machine”.  No Slushy machine there. But, there was a drink called an “Avalanche”.  It comes in two flavors….Pepsi and Mountain Dew.

I  grabbed a cup and filled it up.  I turned to grab a lid for the drink and when I was about to place it on the drink,  I nearly shrieked! The drink had risen up a good two inches above the top of the cup! Argh!!! I began to giggle and “swipe” the excess drink off the top and into the runoff trough on the machine.  Being MUCH wiser, I filled another cup, allowing expansion room for the drink to rise.  I smiled as the lid easily snapped on!

I paid and rushed to the Explorer and headed home….As I drove, I made mental notes on the order of preparation for dinner.  Michelle helped me by heating the chickens  as I took a head of cabbage and grated it and made coleslaw.  Everything was ready to eat in fifteen minutes.

I expressed how tired I was and Mark snickered.  After all, he had already composed a NEW list of errands for tomorrow.  Top of the list?  A trip to Canandaigua!!!

Oh, did I mention that I also baked a loaf of Whole Wheat Walnut Bread this morning?  A very full day,  A very full day, indeed!