I Can Breathe Clearly Now, the Tasks are Done!

So….the proper words to the song are “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone…”   I like my version, though, after these past few days of wild outings and running around!

Yesterday, we all got up early to take a trip to visit my parents for Easter.  It is a three hour drive each way,  which isn’t bad.  We delivered the yellow tulips featured in yesterday’s post to my parents and enjoyed a fabulous dinner.  My mom is such a terrific cook! 

We visited for a few hours, then began our journey back home.  Mark’s mom had a doctor appointment this morning,  so we needed to get home before too late.  We got back home just before dark and we all headed for bed early!

This morning,  Michelle and I went to Rochester to take Mark’s mom to the doctor.  Mark has been so tired, so I told him he should stay home and rest….Michelle actually went into the doctor’s office with her grandmother, so I rushed to WalMart to pick up several items for Mark.   Then I hopped on over to a grocery store.  Just as I finished up,  I got a call from my mother-in-law, saying she was ready to be picked up.

Mark and I joined the Seneca Park Zoo up in Rochester last week.  I really was happy to join as the membership allows free admitance to many other zoos in the country.  Yes, I love going to the zoo.  No particular reason why,  I just like zoos!

Mark’s mom declined an offer to go along to the zoo with Michelle and me, so after dropping her off at home, Michelle and I headed back towards the zoo.  We stopped off at a hamburger joint and enjoyed lunch and then made our way to the zoo!

The photos that follow are from our newest adventure!  I won’t say anything more, as the photos speak for themselves….Oh, but wait! This beautiful stained glass window graces one of the buildings and it was really one of my favorite things to see!

And one more thing….the Eagles at the zoo were aparently rescued after suffering broken wings.  Even though the wings healed, the birds will never be able to fly again.  As you can see in the photos, they are as majestic and beautiful as ever!

Sorry to interrupt for a moment, but this little Sparrow just happened along.  Being a zoo “friend”, it wasn’t the least frightened by humans and the looks it gave me almost implored me to open the door widely so it could go inside to see the birds in the cages!

Well, no plans for tomorrow. Or the day after.  Or the day after that!  We are due for a few days of R&R!