Happy Day! Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Last evening, I picked the kids up at the church. They were a little tired, but as we made our way back home, they chattered on and on about the fun time they had on their river adventure!  Michelle was chilled to the bone and shivering,  but Ben was just so excited about all that had taken place throughout their awesome day!

Through a little forethought, here are some beautiful tulips to brighten your Resurrection Sunday!

I took these photos yesterday afternoon when Mark and I had returned from our own little adventure.  It was so sunny and bright and the flowers nearly *sparkled* with color!

This morning, as I took the Scotties outside,  I was taken by the moon….

That was a (cheap) one-time shot with no bracing myself for a better photo.  It does show that we are expected to have “partly sunny” (as opposed to partly cloudy) weather today!  Along with the clouds, it is very chilly. 

 Happy Resurrection Sunday!  He is Risen!  Jesus IS risen from the dead!