Z-z-z-z-z-z….Will this day never end???

No, the photo below is NOT a sunset from last night.

It was actually the sun *rising* in the east this morning, shortly after 6 am.

What, for heaven’s sake, were Mark and I doing wandering around at 6 am?

Well, the kids went on the famous rafting trip with the youth group!  They had to be at the church at six this morning.  The church is located about half an hour away, so we had to leave at 5:30.  Of course, I was rudely awakened MUCH earlier than that by water running in the bath tub at 3:45 am.  Is there such a thing?  I mean, 3:45?   Needless to say, Michelle was a little excited about this adventure!

As we pulled away from the church as the kids began loading their gear into the church van,  Mark asked if I might enjoy going “out” for the day.  Now *why* would I ever say no?  Although I didn’t have the Nikon camera, I did indeed have the Panasonic with me!

We drove on up to Canandaigua and sat on the pier for a while as Mark did some research on his laptop.

After Mark found the info he needed, we headed off to Rochester.   We went to Sam’s Club (yes, I was there just two days before!)  to order a couple of boxes of contacts for me.  After that,  I made the *ultimate* sacrifice and went with Mark into The Guitar Center.   Sorry, not that I think I am any better than anyone else, but this store is just “weird”!

I sat with Mark as he tried out three different amps and patiently awaited as he made up his mind. 

After we finished up, Mark asked if there was anywhere *I* might like to go.  Well, yeah!  I wanted to go back to Irondequoit to see the swans!  There are three different “burger joints” located there as well, so having been awake for about eight hours,  I was ready to eat!

We picked up our order and sat in a parking lot near the bay.  There were about six or eight swans in not too distant proximity,  maybe the same number of Canada Geese, and a few Mallard ducks.

There was a very brisk wind blowing, but the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and all seemed right in the world! I got out and walked around a little, feeding the birds and just taking in the (awesome) sights.

Here is a view of Lake Ontario looking out from the bay….

I really like this little plaque.

So, what could be more exciting than water and birds?  Why, helicopters flying overhead!  I love helicopters! 

After all of our little wanderings,  (the lake is probably close to 50 miles from our home) we came back home.  It was so quiet and peaceful in the back seat.  No bickering.  No complaints.  Just two little Scottie boys content to be out for a ride in the truck on a pretty Spring day!

We got home this afternoon at about 2:45.   There is a Buffalo Sabres hockey game coming on at four….just a couple of minutes from now.  So, this has been quite a calm and peaceful “packed” day.  A very long day! And, we must pick the kids up later this evening.  Wonder if they  will be tired? hehehe