Random Bird Photos

Lucky you! I have had some spare time this week to take photos of birds!

The birds seem to be flitting about and more active lately.  Not sure if they are “sowing their wild oats”  before they settle down and become dutiful parents or what,  but there is definitely an increase on the little beaks seen at the feeder!

I took the first photo the other day when it was brisk and cold!  I often say that the birds resemble little “puff balls” when the weather is cold and miserable. Well, this little male Goldfinch verifies my statement! Oh, and notice how *yellow* his feathers are turning….

Another finch is the Purple Finch who frequents the feeder.  In this photo, I can tell you the little guy was watching me taking photos, so he played “peek-a-boo”!


I love his raspberry coloring. Not too sure what this next bird was thinking…..

So….the next photo is NOT a bird! But…I couldn’t help but photograph this little furry rodent.  This is one Spring-feverish little fellow.  He was racing all over the tree, doing cartwheels, backflips and any number of gymnastic feats!

Our kids invited several of their friends over this afternoon for a little food and fellowship.  I was so grateful yesterday’s clenching headache left overnight, as I don’t know if I could have handled a bunch of teens with a throbbing headache! They stayed at the house until about six.  Just as they were leaving,  I happened to see the male cardinal outside!

Unfortunately, shooting through the window when it was getting dark outside just didn’t work well, but you can see just how intensely *red* he is!

I had to run some recycleables out to the garage.  I saw a pair of ducks pass overhead.  We don’t often see them this far away from the water, except during migration and their return trip.  Our neighbors do have a pond, though, so I thought perhaps they were headed that way.

But no! Instead, they very clumsily landed in a tree! It was getting pretty dark out, but I was able to lighten this photo.  Look directly at the center of the photo…..

The kids have an all day event planned tomorrow, so they called it a night early!  Think I just might do the same!