Wegman’s and Horses…..

Today was a busy day of hustling and bustling about.  Mark had scheduled an appointment at five at the Chevy garage,  but he wanted to go to Rochester first.

The kids went shopping and we hopped on over to Sam’s Club.  I had a fairly impressive grocey list and I scurried around the store like a squirrel storing up for winter!  Afterwards, Mark and Ben wanted to go to The Guitar Center, so Michelle and I hopped on over to the new Wegman’s store in Henrietta.

What a nice store! And, Wegman’s has something more to toot their horn about!  Seems they always place in the best stores to work for roster,  but now they placed as the #1 grocery store to shop in the US, according to Consumer Reports. Very impressive! 

We hung around Henrietta for awile, then began heading back towards Canandaigua.  As we got closer to the Chevy garage, Mark began to wonder if the service department wanted to take the truck inside to inspect some work that had been previously done, or if they would give it a quick once-over in the lot.  He pulled into Tractor Supply, which is right nearby, and while he made the call, I checked out the little chickies inside that were for sale….some were soooooo tiny!

I didn’t spend much time inside, though, as I was really interested in their horses for sale!

Of course, my very favorite was the one with the blue mane!

All kidding aside, I have always wanted a horse!  I remember when my parents bought our first house,  I was about eight years old.  When they looked at land for sale in the country and considered building a new house, I was nearly beside myself!  As my parents examined  what looked like a huge field, all I could see was a big pasture for *my* dream horse.  Long story short,  we bought an old city house that my father completely remodeled.  So, the dream remained just that!  No horse…

Our hurried schedule made it impossible for me to take many photos.  When I got back to the truck, Mark said he cancelled the appointment for the truck since they wanted to take it inside….we had both Angus and Murphy with us and that would have been a bit tricky.  He rescheduled the appointment and then he and Ben went to another guitar store.

We got home at about seven and my head was pounding with a terrible headache.  A good night’s rest should be just what I need!