Well, we all love creating and re-creating!  It is fun to see how our photos look when transformed from color to black and white or sepia!  Bill in Scotland reminded me of that this morning, when he showed an artistic shot of a beautifully blossoming tree. 

I had fiddled with the settings on my Nikon D-80 yesterday afternoon while waiting for the kids.  I changed from the original photo…..

To black and white…..

And sepia.

I would love to hear your comment on which you prefer.  Me?  Well, I am all about color (or colour as my UK friends and Ian in Oz say!)  I must admit that after viewing these, though,  I tend to really like the sepia photo.  There might be a reason, though…..

My dad was raised on a farm in Pennsylvania.  One photo of him that I really liked was done  in sepia when he was a little boy. Perhaps it is a subconscious thing…..I also have fond memories of going to the barn to play on my grandfather’s old tractor…..

While the Family Was Occupied….

The kids were invited over to visit with their friends before their youth group last night.  Mark decided to stay home,  so I dropped the kids off a couple of hours earlier than usual  and went for a little ride. 

I wanted to visit the Mennonite store to pick up some baking supplies.  While I was there, I noticed they had some “Turkey Sweet Bologna” on sale,  so I picked up a pound of that as well.  Oh my!  When we arrived home shortly after nine,  everyone was hungry, so I fixed sandwiches.  I had no idea that the turkey bologna would be such a hit!  There is very little left now! 

Here are the offerings I have, photographically…..

Along the road from Middlesex to Penn Yan,  the road winds along,  following a fast-moving, beautiful little stream.  There are some really pretty sights along the way, but this one probably takes the cake.

I guess I had better explain that these roads I was on are “quite” well-traveled and not too wide.  I felt it was safer to pull over off the road and employ the flashers on the vehicle than to actually get out..The photo above caught the corner of the vehicle, kind of ruining the photo. (sniff, sniff!)  I know….I could have cropped it, but didn’t!

Just look at that setting, though!  The camper parked at the base of a hill with the stream AND the added beauty of a private waterfall! If I owned this property, I think I would build a tiny house there. Oh, and definitely put up a hedgerow to make myself “invisible”.  I don’t think I would want to share this with anyone else!  The sound of the waterfall was awesome as we had quite a bit of rain the day before.

Yesterday wasn’t really “cold”…more of a “chilly” day.  It rained on and off and every now and then, the sunlight would streak through the clouds.

Here is a sign one doesn’t see everyday!

One of the most fascinating things about taking photos on a somewhat “gloomy” day is how vibrant colors stand out. With the rain we have had, the grass is now beginning to green up,  making things look a bit more cheerful!

I was so pleased with this photo of a few old tractors parked on a hill alongside the road.  The fact that they aren’t sharply in focus makes them appear in a “dreamlike” state….ghosts from the past, if you like!

And speaking of dreamlike…..I really was pleased with the colors of this photo! It reminds me of a painting more than a photograph!

On my way to the store,  I noticed another Mennonite store had opened,  closer to us.  I didn’t stop, though, as I was unsure of how late the store was open.  As it was, they close at five, and I left a few minutes after five.  Oops!

AsI stepped out of the store,  I loaded the items I purchased into the Explorer, then grabbed the camera.

I was pleased the optics on the camera caught the sunlight through the clouds….sometimes it’s hard to capture!

After my visit to the store,  I headed on north to Geneva.  The road I choose is a major road with lots of high speed traffic so it is really hard to stop!  But I did get a shot of an Amish buggy parked against a building.

The daylight was quickly fading, as the nasty sky was growing ever more ugly-looking!  I stopped at a store in Geneva, then headed over to Canandaigua.  I grabbed just a few necessities at WalMart, then it was time to pick the kids up down in Middlesex.

I must admit, the few hours I had to myself were very relaxing and I enjoyed just wandering a little with no protests or feelings of needing to hasten myself!

Nearly as soon as we arrived home, the skies opened up and blowing snow began to fall! When the weatherman suggested “several inches of snow in the Hills of Bristol”,  I braced myself to awaken to a shroud of white.  The reality is that we have only a dusting thus far…but a winter weather advisory is in effect.  The joys of Spring!