Chaos, Confusion, and Cameras

I had taken quite a few photos of the little Red Robin sitting outside the window yesterday and was sadly disappointed when the photos were expanded.  The photo of the bird sitting sideways on the limb was blurry when enlarged making me mad!

After shooting with the Nikon D-80,  I took just a few pictures of the Robin using the Panasonic TZ-5. 

I am inserting both of the photos below. The first is the Nikon photo and the second, the Panasonic.

See how much cleaner and sharper the second photo is?  The Panasonic camera features VR, which is vibration reduction.  This is very helpful when the telephoto lens is extended and helps prevent “camera shake”.   Well, after shooting several photos of Bufflehead Ducks in Canandaigua the other day,  (hmmm….no one commented there!) I was surprised that any of the photos showed up with any clarity as the lens was set to 300 and those ducks were bobbing up and down like the ones at a carnival!!!!

I was convinced the VR lenses were unnecessary.  Perhaps not.  I did, however, look through many more of the photos I took yesterday and found some that were better than the one I featured yesterday. So, more confusion. More indecision. More variables to contemplate!

Are you confused? How about I add a bit more? Confusion, that is!

I took this photo and then decided to look up some info on the internet to make sure I knew its name.

Sorry. To be sure, it is a teeny-tiny Daffodil!  In reading on the net, I discovered that the American Daffodil Society ( yeah, there really is a “society” for everything!)  states that the pretty yellow flowers that greet us each Spring are to be called “Daffodils” unless one is using scientific monikers. Then, it becomes its Latin name, Narcissus.  Are you confused?

 Well, if you ARE confused, I bet your aren’t feeling nearly as badly as this poor little Daffodil who decided to bloom today.  The poor little thing smiled and then found out tomorrow’s weather forecast includes s-n-o-w!

Not confused at all is my bird friend, the Red-Breasted Woodpecker.  He eats like there is no tomorrow, snow or no snow!

 I was so thrilled to catch the male in te feeder today!  I had my camera (Nikon) in hand and thought perhaps I could get a really close shot of the boy.  Well, dummy that I am…..

Instead of keeping my camera positioned at my FACE, I pulled the camera away to review the photo. Just as soon as I did this, the little fellow poked his head outside the feeder,  looked me full in the face, then flew off in a huff!  Argh, argh, argh! I know better than that!!!