Ah, This is More Like It!

During the wee hours of the morning,  those intense howling winds finally subsided,  then were gone altogether.  We are used to wind here, believe me, but those winds were just downright unnerving.  The kids were planning to attend a church youth rally in Penn Yan last evening,  but after a brief trip to Canandaigua earlier, they  convinced us to grab a pizza from Pizza Hut and head back home.   Arriving home to a glowing fire in the woodstove and relief from the wind was much more than cozy!

Because of the wind yesterday, the birds were fairly silent, but they were ever-present at the feeder.  They looked so pitiful bouncing up and down on the branches, their bodies puffed up like cotton balls!

This morning was another story.  Murphy and Angus were fed and outside just before six.  The sun was still coming up and hadn’t yet crested over the hill.  As we made our way down the driveway,  a Robin sang such a happy little tune,  it would be difficult to feel anything less than cheerful! And, the skies are a stunning bright blue now!

After coming into the house and doing a few little chores,  I looked out the window and saw a rather large bird perched in the tree outside the bedroom window.  I looked a little closer and was surprised to see a Robin sitting there amongst all the little Finches.  It seems like the Robins are always away from the house, as they aren’t the least bit interested in the feeder.

I decided to try to capture a photo of the Robin, as I have never been able to get a good shot of a Robin. Never. 

I know that shadows in a photo are a major no-no, but this particular shadow was intentional.  I love the look!

This Robin hopped around on the branches and gave me all sorts of poses!  Must be a Robin model!

When I looked at these photos on the computer, I was bummed. Still, not a “great” shot of a Robin!  I have photographed many birds through the window with good results, but the evasive Robin has still evaded me!!