Hang ON! Batten the Hatches!

I am so glad I photographed the pretty little Crocus above that we found downby the road on our property. We never planted that Crocus, but there it is! (or was!)  Okay, so I am sounding a bit sarcastic?  Well, the weather here is *frightful*! Truly it is!

I had made mention on Valentine’s Day on my blog that a huge Basswood tree had fallen on our property.  We had gotten some blasting winds a few days before and the Basswood had ripped open at its base.  I told Mark it looked rather like it had been “unzipped”.  The bark was split open from ground level to about three feet, and just above that, the tree had broken.  It wasn’t snapped off “clean”….it was still attached to the base and leaned heavily against yet another (and younger) Basswood tree.

Last night’s tremendous winds took care of the Basswood!

Yes, we not only have wind, but we also have snow blowing about just like it is winter all over again!  It is majorly miserable out there right now!  I trudged out to the garage this morning to get kindling and some firewood and was surely awakened by the weather!

Now you can see why I appreciate that I took the time to photograph the pretty Crocus on Thursday!